2 Day in Dubai : Step By Step Guide (2020)

Festivals and Sporting Events

Among the top attractions in Dubai are international sporting events and festivals. This means that your first stop should be the reception desk of your hotel, to ask what is going on and where.

Having determined if there are any special events going on, the next thing is to try and plan your stay. There are that many Dubai tourist attractions to choose from that it is advisable to get your personal “must does” done first, as there may not be time to do everything.


The incredible modern feats of architecture are some of the top attractions in Dubai.  Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Burj Al Arab, a stunningly beautiful building designed in the shape of a sail boat, both eye catching and spectacular. Palm Islands, the largest man made islands in the world, visible from space.

All these can be seen via a city tour. There are several options on how to take the tour but perhaps one of the best is the “Big Bus”. This is a London style double decker bus that allows you to get off where you like, returning to the tour at your leisure. Of course, if you would like that unique view of the city, you can always take the helicopter city tour.

Dubai Tourist Attractions

ski dubai
Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. It features ski, toboggan and snowboard runs, plus the largest indoor snow park in the world.

Jumeirah Beach is dominated by grand hotels with their private beaches but there are some areas of clean white sand for public use.

Children’s City is a 7,700sq m development with plenty of hands on activities for the children as they walk through separate zones of the human body, science and space. All exhibits are marked in both English and Arabic and the city also houses a Dolphinarium which is equally as popular with the kids.

Children city

Dubai Museum is located in an old historic fort dating back to 1799. Perhaps the most interesting exhibit is on the sand outside: a huge wooden craft.

Dubai Museum
Dubai Museum

Boat Tours are made in the traditional Dhow and there are various cruises to decide from.


Desert Trips can be arranged through 2 different tour operators but the trips are similar. Drive into the desert and enjoy a restored Bedouin camp with BBQ and belly dancing.

Last but certainly not least in importance is the shopping in Dubai. The Dubai Mall is the largest Mall, by area, in the world and hosts 1,200 retail outlets and 160 food and beverage outlets. As well as having enough shops to ensure that you will find something, the Mall also hosts an amusement park, aquarium and other attractions. The next must shop venue is the old Gold Souk. It is here where you will be glad that you chose the cheap flights to Dubai, as you will want all the money you can spare. This area contains 600 jewelry stores where gold is said to be sold at the cheapest prices anywhere in the world. It is said that there are 25 tons of gold on display in the windows of these shops.

If you have the time, there is still more to do.

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  1. Ski Dubai is a crazy experience and brilliant fun. It does feel a bit wrong when you think about the amount of energy it must use, but that said Dubai is a city built on wealth and energy.

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