Most Exciting Cruises for 2016


Taking to the High Seas This Year

2016 is set to be a great year for cruises, with boats calling at fantastic both new and established destinations all over the world.

There’s no better way to beat the winter blues than by booking a cruise. So if you’re thinking of taking to the oceans this year, one of the following could be just the thing that you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to escape to some sunny islands or are just looking for a city break, there’s guaranteed to be a cruise that’s perfect for you. So which ones should you look out for in 2016?ship-401349_1920

Food Hero Cruise, 27 Sept – 09 Oct 2016

If you’re a foodie, then this cruise around the Canary Islands will be the perfect holiday for you. You can expect all the usual trappings of a P&O cruise – great entertainment, top destinations and world class facilities. What sets this cruise apart though, is that superstar chef James Martin will be cooking on board. You can even cook with him – just ask your cruise guide to arrange it!

France & Belgium Mini Cruise, 17 Apr – 22 Apr 2016

Taking in the best bits of France and Belgium, this cruise is short but definitely sweet. Departing from Southampton, you’ll visit Cherbourg, Le Havre (Paris) and Zeebrugge (Brussels), along with a peaceful day at sea. If you want to go on a European city break but crave the comfort and great service you get on a cruise ship, this is the best of both worlds.

Arabian Gulf Cruise, 1 – 8 Feb

There’s no hotter detestation in the world than Dubai right now, and that’s where this cruise will be setting off from. Over the next week, you’ll stop at locations including Khasab – Oman, Muscat, Muscat and Abu Dhabi. You’ll have the opportunity to experience what makes this part of the world so special, all from the comfort of the Splendour of the Seas, one of the most impressive cruise ships currently sailing

Ancient Affair Cruise, 2 – 9 March 2016
Last on our list is one of the most popular cruises in the world. Thompson’s Ancient Affair is ideal for those who want to take in all that the East Mediterranean has to offer. Stopping at Cyprus, Turkey, Israel and Crete, you’ll be able to visit the locations of some of the most famous ancient civilisations in the world. There’s also the option of an additional stay in Cyprus if you fancy extending your trip.

Many of these cruises are also a fantastic way for solo travellers to explore new places while also meeting people with similar interests; there are many more excellent cruises for solo travellers available to choose from too.

Of course, you’ll need some cover for your holiday out there.Avanti’sTravel Insurance for Cruises is your best option, as it will cover you against any difficulties you may face while at sea.This includes cabin confinement cover, cruise itinerary change and even emergency evening wear hire! This is in addition to protection against medical costs, loss of property and everything else you’d expect from a standard insurance policy.

Let’s Set Sail!

If you’re going to hit the waves this year, then one of our top cruise picks will be sure to suit you. Whether it’s your first time on a cruise or you’re something of a connoisseur, one thing is for sure. This year looks like it’s going to be a stellar year for cruises, so it’d be a shame to stay stuck on dry land for too long!

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