Escape the Cold: 5 Places that Stay Warm all Year Long


There are many people that crave a vacation where they can ski and sled. Bundling up in a Parka, however, does not appeal to everyone. Some people prefer to enjoy the feel of the warm sun on their shoulders. Vacations to warm areas require less equipment and lighter clothes, with the exception of high-level hiking expeditions. You can venture off to jungles, rainforests, and beaches without ever exposing yourself to unwanted frigid temperatures. Choose your ideal vacation in one of these amazing warm areas of the world.


Cold is not something you can expect in Thailand; however, you may want to plan your travel around the rainy season. The runs from late May through October with conditions worsening in August until the end. You can enjoy the city of Bangkok with its bright lights and nightlife or head to the beautiful beaches. There are rural areas to see, as well. The city of Chiang Mai hosts a combination Elephant and dog rescue that allows for overnight stays. You can get hands on with the elephants here an even help bathe them. This is one place where you can enjoy the city and rural areas all in one trip. Look for vacations houses for rent at incredibly affordable prices.


Locate in North Africa, Morocco has worked hard to develop a hospitable tourist environment. The Ministry of Tourism was established in 2018. Morocco boasts the highest number of tourists in Africa. There are many things to see in different regions, so you may want to venture away from the coast. The coastline, however, stays warm all year long.

The Hight Atlas Mountains are one of the main sites here, so you may want to venture away from your warm, beach paradise for at least a day. The mountain areas are extremely hot in the summer and there is snow in the winter. The people here are said to be extremely kind and welcoming. The varying landscape of Morocco gives you plenty of options. There are beaches, sand dunes, and mountains. Enjoy the architecture and culture of historical buildings such as mosques and fortress walls. 


Mexico is popular for its year around warmth and various vacation resorts. These offer everything you need for fun and relaxation in one place. You may still want to explore the many restaurants and historical areas, yet many go just to relax on the beach. The Mayan ruins are an incredible reminder of past inhabitants and include many famous archeological sites.

Costa Rica

This is another area that has a rainy season. The warm temperatures remain; however, you may be limited on your outdoor activities. This season lasts from May to November. Costa Rica is all about getting out in nature. You may rarely see the inside of your hotel if you go during the dry season. You can zipline, ride horses, and go sailing. Leave a few days free for all beach and water activities. You may especially enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing. You can also go deep into the forest with guided tours. Costa Rica also offers some great tours of endangered wildlife refuges.


Hawaii is one of the states in the U.S. today, but these islands are still full of Polynesian culture. There is also a heavy Japanese influence. This is apparent when you visit restaurants and see the menu also written in Japanese, both for residents and tourists. Honolulu on the island of Oahu offers both city life and natural land. You can hike, surf, and visit volcanoes. There is even a mall. You can take small aircraft to additional islands to see more of the culture and natural landscape these islands are known for. Bring a sweatshirt for the cool evenings but be ready with your swimsuit during the days.

There a plenty of places you can go to escape the cold. Many people choose to spend their winter holiday in a warm place, so they get a break from the harsh winter. It can be great to get outside and explore at a time of year when you would usually be inside with the heat on.