The Most Beautiful Affordable European Holidays

European holidays may seem like an expensive endeavour, but the truth is they don’t have to break the budget. Europe is full of great holiday destinations that are also affordable, as long as you know where to look. With a little bit of research, it’s possible to find the perfect luxury holiday at a reasonable price.

Affordable European Holidays

When it comes to luxury at low prices, Spain is a great place to start. The country’s southern coast is filled with beautiful white sand beaches and luxury resorts. During the summer high season, prices for hotels all along Spain’s southern coastline skyrocket. In order to experience the best of southern Spain without breaking the budget, try visiting in the spring or fall. The off-season brings lower prices for hotels and flights, as well as packaged holiday deals. Thanks to the region’s mild climate, the weather is still suitable for beach lovers well outside of the summer months.

Spanish city of Bilbao

As an alternative, consider the northern Spanish city of Bilbao. Serviced by a number of budget airlines, Bilbao offers its visitors with a cosmopolitan and luxury experience. The city is best known for its futuristic Guggenheim Museum, and is also home to excellent restaurants serving traditional Basque cuisine. On top of it all, Bilbao boasts a sunny beach and luxury hotels at a fraction of the price of comparable resorts to the south.

Spain isn’t the only country to enjoy an affordable holiday, however. There’s never been a better time to visit Greece and its many islands. With a holiday season that lasts nearly half the year, the Greek Isles offers a mix of warm weather, great beaches, historic charming towns and countless sailing opportunities. Four and five star hotels and resorts on islands such as Crete can be nabbed at great rates these days, which leaves a little extra for activities such as boat excursions, or boisterous nights out sampling Greek food and wine.

Across the rest of Europe, there are plenty of other affordable holiday options. Some of the Eastern European countries have many unsung destinations that are just as enviable as the traditional Mediterranean resorts, and are excellent value for money. Island hopping in Croatia and thermal spa breaks in Bulgaria are just two luxury but affordable options.

Island hopping

As a general rule, try visiting locations during off-peak times to get the best rates. Flying or travelling on weekdays and taking advantage of packaged deals will also result in cost savings. If booking a beach getaway, look for hotels and resorts located just off the water or select a room that doesn’t face the sea. These small details will lead to great rooms and great prices.

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