4 Cool things About Backpacking Through Asia | The Adventure of a Lifetime

Asia is a continent that is truly remarkable for a number of reasons. The abundance of culture and amazing landscapes make it the perfect place to go backpacking. On top of that, backpacking in Asia is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to travel. Finding a starting point for your adventures will be the least of your concerns as there are numerous spots that have peaked interest across the world. Here are a few backpacker favorites:

Thailand Thailand

Thailand is known for offering a top class backpacking experience. It will most certainly be easy to travel lightly there as the weather conditions in this tropical paradise call for minimal layers. There are few people who have any critiques of their experience in Thailand as there is plenty of things to do no matter what type of activities you enjoy.

People who are out there for the cultural experience can visit mesmerizing ancient temples. There is also a number of fascinating museums like the National Museum of Royal Barges in Bangkok. On the other hand, one can spend countless hours swimming in the warm ocean if they have a bit more energy to kill.


Just next door to Thailand is scenic Vietnam. One of the perks of traveling in Asia is that traveling from one country to the next is not much of a hassle. This is because many of the south-eastern countries of Asia are incredibly small in comparison to the likes of America. To put that into perspective a single state in the US, Texas, is larger than the whole of Vietnam. That does not mean that Vietnam has nothing to offer.

An interesting aspect of the Vietnamese experience is traveling on a motorcycle. This has become a popular form of transport in the country. Backpackers often travel from Hanoi to Saigon and whether they are on a motorcycle or not, the mountains, waterfalls and friendly locals make it a worthwhile experience.


Thailand and Vietnam are two of the most visited countries for backpackers because of their beauty and affordability. However, China might be a good idea for a backpacker who wants a truly world class adventure and has a bit more money to spend. China’s capital, Beijing, is home to the legendary Great Wall of China.

Hiking this world-renowned landmark would be a life changing experience for anyone trying to have a memorable trip. Nevertheless, backpacking isn’t all about the outdoor experiences. China’s cosmopolitan lifestyle is just as inviting for any shoppers out there. The Beijing Yintai Center, one of China’s most popular malls, is over 1 million square feet.

Being aware of the amazing places to backpack in Asia is truly exciting, but in order to make sure you have the best time possible remember to consider your options. If you want your adventure to last a couple of weeks, or even months, then consider staying in hostels or camping as a form of accommodation. Some of the best experiences come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and if that means sleeping under stars once or twice it can still be a wonderful time.

Another seemingly obvious idea is to maintain a budget. Each day in Asia will be so much better if you have allocated enough money towards it. On the topic of planning it’s best to be sure of what you will be doing each day. If you doubt you’ll be able to do it on your own, then consider joining a planned tour with a travel agency.