Basking In The Adventures Of Brasilia’s Magic

It is in the inherent nature of man to seek beauty, revelry, and fantasy in life. It is these elements that collaborate in a harmonious blend, and gradually create the most integral part of a society – and that is…the ability of man to perceive, assimilate and give meaning to his/her life. I wanted to visit Brazil because of my inherent need to seek for splendour and enjoyment in my life. I was always attracted to the prospect of visiting Brazil, even more so after I heard the song To Brazil by a band called Vengaboys. Brazil is the largest country in South America, spreading over a coastline of 7,491 kilometres. It shares its borders with almost all of the countries of South America with an exception of Ecuador and Chile.

Brazil’s grandeur lies primarily in its diversity! It is such a stunning and vibrant country suffused with shimmering colours of its picturesque landscape, that for a moment it’s beauty intoxicates tourists. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Brazil has become the most sought after and easily accessible tourism hub. With the recent drop in plane fares, flights to Brazil from London are available as low as $436. With the plane fares sorted out, you can discover how Brazil not only carries within its belt magnificent sun-kissed beaches, with glittering waves but also the great Amazon rainforest. But the real beauty of Brazil lies in the middle of its splendid folds, and that is its capital – Brasilia.

Hotel accommodation is also plentiful in Brasilia ranging from simple Bread and Breakfasts to 5 Star Hotels. Hotels as low as $95 – $145 are available to tourists who are looking for cheap yet comfortable accommodations. Many hotels are centrally located, in the middle of Brasilia, and often are only 15-minutes drive from the airport. The tourism in Brasilia is varied and enchanting, ranging from the architectural milestone of the Three Powers Square or (Praca dos Tres Podéres) to nature’s ravishing Paranoa Lake (Lago do Paranoá). The Three Powers Square is one breath-taking sight to behold. Situated at the eastern region of the Monumental Axis, the Three Powers Square shows the three highest authorities of Brasilia, which are: The Congress, The Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court.

Brasilia not only exhibits architectural brilliance, it also displays a splendidly exuberant natural attraction to its tourists in the form of Paranoa Lake. If you are looking for a day full of adventure and entertainment, then a visit to Paranoa Lake should be a must on your “to-do” list! Not only tourists but also locals, young and old, visit this Lake for recreational purposes. People who love outdoor activities would take great pleasure in sailing, sunbathing, swimming, and wading cheerfully through the bluest waters of Paranoa Lake.

Tourists are not just attracted towards Brasilia because of its splendor but also because of its economical and assorted shopping. Shopping in Brasilia is exceedingly convenient because tourists can get amazing deals on many national and even international branded products. If you are an avid coffee lover, then you would love to indulge in shopping for the famous Brasilia coffee machines. Brasilia is famous for its sense of innovation in the subject of making coffee. So much so, they have been developing espresso machines of superior quality for many years. So when a city’s got everything, why wait? Come to Brasilia and have the time of your life!

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