Best Budget-Friendly Holiday Spots in 2012

With the economy being as it is, people are looking to cut expenses as much as they can. This can cause stress and panic. Going on holiday isn’t what it used to be – now you have to cut back, really analyze the budget and wisely choose a vacationing spot that will not squeeze the last penny out of your pocket. Even the planning of budget holidays can be in itself a stressful event. But it shouldn’t! Read on and find out which countries make for good holiday spots in 2012.

Greece can offer you a lot with very little


The summer is over, but this doesn’t mean we have to say good-bye to sunny beaches. Sure, Bora Bora is not our list, but how about Greece? Its autumns are warm and sunny and its southern coastline is perfect for an early or late autumn vacation. Make a list with what you want from your vacation: if you would like a fancy hotel, but don’t have the budget for it, search for private villas or apartments for short term rental. Xylocastro is a small fisherman town, one and a half hour drive away from expensive Athens. It has amazing beaches and a lush pine forest, 5 minutes away from the sea. Eat and mom-and-popbistros and enjoy the genuine Greek feel of the city.

Prague – a gem in the heart of Europe

Prague Europe

If sunny beaches are not what you want for your budget holiday, then try the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Find a cheap, but fancy hotel (they’re not hard to find) in the center of the city and start exploring the streets. Take a walk on the Charles Bridge or see the Lennon Wall. Visit some museums, many have no entrance fee. And if you’re tired from walking, stop and have a beer – they have more than 70 brands of original Czech beer.

Africa on a budget


You’d like to visit the Mother Land, Africa, but a safari can set you back thousands of dollars, why not visit Morocco? An extremely ethnically diverse land, Morocco has plenty to offer: have some green tea with beef and couscous, participate in one of the many art and music festivals or roam the streets of Casablanca.

How About a Road Trip?

There can be such a thing as cheap travel. Get a couple of your friends, grab your dog and go on a road trip. Share the gas money, take turns at driving and have a great time just taking in the beauties of your country. Always plan your vacation well: make lists and organize everything you need to have with you: a tent, blankets, pots and pans, cans of food, lighters, flashlights and water. You can gather around the fire and feel like a child again, all the troubles just melting away. Now tell me, you almost forgot about that nasty economic crisis, haven’t you?

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