Buenos Aires Argentina, All The Way!

The American south, with its rich cultural significance and picturesque sceneries has been one of the most desired destinations for tourists around the world. Connoisseurs of beauty have sought after a little bit of Argentina lovin’ because of its varied and bountiful assets. Argentina is home to not only the panoramic high and low regions of South America but it is also a place, which has got it all. Most importantly, it paves the way towards Antarctica, a place that previously had been limited to our spherical vision and geographical detailing in textbooks.

Perhaps, the best place to start your tour of Argentina is from its magnificent capital, Buenos Aires. You should tour Buenos Aires and get spellbound amidst its wonders, even its name, Buenos Aires, means fair winds in Spanish. Being an avid seeker of culturally uplifting arenas, I started my tour from Palermo Viejo district, which is towards the north-eastern side of Buenos Aires. Palermo Viejo is the oldest part of the city Palermo Viejo (Old Palermo) is, as its name implies, the oldest part. From Santa Fe Avenue, Palermo Viejo runs southwards to Córdoba Avenue, and from there towards Avenida Dorrego which is towards the east of Coronel Díaz Street. The architecture is reminiscent of an old and deep-rooted Spanish style, which has through the years been modified with contemporary elements. As I am a literature enthusiast, and a little revolutionary at heart, I was almost intoxicated by the fact that it was at Palermo Viejo where Che Guevara and Jorge Luis Borges once lived. In fact, it later came to my attention that Borges wrote his initial poetry at Palermo Viejo (henceforth Viejo).

Historically, Viejo was popular among the communities of Lebanon, Armenia and old Italian and Spanish families; because it was not only residential hub but also a place embedded with rich traditions and cultures. The echoes of which can be seen in the local schools, churches, and restaurants. Walking along the delightful cobblestone streets of Palermo Viejo, with a rusty copy of Borges Ficciones, and Loreena McKennitt’s songs playing on my Ipod, I can assure you that I have never known such bliss. The place is beautifully littered with bars, boutiques and bookstores. The Bed and Breakfast where I was staying was just around the corner from Cordoba where I often did my bargain shopping. Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts are easily available at Buenos Aires. There are a total of 250 hotels in Buenos Aires, which start from as low as $ 17 and are easily booked through sites like Expedia. Holiday apartments are also available for tourists as low as $20, which is a very reasonable amount.

In the afternoons, I strolled the streets, looking ravenously at the boutiques, and indulging in the original, bohemian and chic designs they sold at affordable prices. The streets with its breathtaking arching trees and cafes in the evenings were a treat that I couldn’t get enough of. I spent my afternoons exploring the Caminito, a short street at La Boca. Walking through this colourful street became somewhat of a ritual for me. The pastel coloured walls of the Caminito are something that will stay embedded in your heart for years to come. You will also find tango dancers, dancing away in this vibrant street, a sight that is truly uplifting. So if you want to dance away in the splendour of beauty, literature, fashion and culture, Palermo Viejo is the place for you. So what are you waiting for? Come to Buenos Aires!