The Most Beautiful Burj Al Arab Only 7 Star Hotel in the World

The Burj Al Arab 7 Star hotel in Dubai is a marvel in architecture, shaped like a sail it sits above the waters in splendid grandeur. It stands alone, not just in its location but also in its splendor.

The hotel boasts suite only accommodations and has en-suite check in and private reception desks on each floor. It is probably this attention to details that secures Burj Al Arab 7 Star ratings. Among the Burj Al Arab, Dubai staff are highly trained butlers awaiting a guests every call and chauffeurs to drive their fleet of Rolls Royce cars.

At a height of 321 meters the Burj Al Arab dominates the Dubai skyline and when lit at night to represent water and fire its magnificence is impressive.

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab 7 Star hotel

Each suite at the Burj Al Arab has two levels (floors) and can claim to have rain showers and Jacuzzis, also many suites include a spiral staircase.

Exclusive luxury is predominant in all the suites, with the Royal Suite even boasting both a private elevator and cinema.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab restaurants offer gastronomic decadence. The many different restaurants may offer varieties in style and tastes but all share the luxuriously high standards of both cuisine and service.

The choices of restaurants and bars are:

Al Iwan – serving the finest Arabic dishes.

Al Mahara – serving seafood.

Al Muntaha – at 200m above the sea, this restaurant offers spectacular panoramic views with your meal.

Bab Al Yam – situated next to the pool, it serves el fresco, casual delights.

Culinary Flight – always serves gastronomic splendors.

Junsui – authentic and delicious Asian food is created here.

Majlis Al Bahar – casual el fresco style situated outside on the beachfront.

The Juna Lounge – offers top of the range whiskeys and Cuban Cigars.

Sahn Eddar – specializes in English teas.

Skyview – is situated next to Al Muntaha and therefore allows breathtaking views with your drink.

The spacious and luxurious Assawan Spa and Health Center can provide the ultimate in luxurious pampering. Each treatment has been exclusively selected to ensure that you receive an ultimate journey to wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Burj Al Arab1

The Burj Al Arab 7 Star Hotel, Dubai certainly is a 7 Star experience. From the exquisite beauty of the building, one of the most photographed buildings in the world, its setting, soaring up from the sea in mighty majesty. Its greeting, by way of chauffeur driven Rolls Royce and en-suite book in. The spacious, luxurious opulence of the furnishings and style of the suites. The pampered and spoiled attention given by the butlers and same floor reception. The delicious, extravagant delicacies in cuisine, professionally served in immaculate settings with magnificent views. All part of an experience that indelibly stamps on your mind, 7 Star.

Burj Al Arab

It is little wonder that the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai is widely accepted as the number one, 7 Star, most premier hotel in the world. From your arrival, through your stay and for long after your departure, you know that you have been part of a unique experience, a one in the world, 7 Star experience.

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