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If You’ve Never Heard of it, Then You Should Visit it – Torshavn, Faroe Islands

The country used to be under Danish rule, and only gained independence in 1948; some of the numerous subarctic islands still fall under Danish responsibility. In truth, Torshavn is a small city; only around twenty thousand people live here.  It has often been said that quality is better than quantity, and this saying definitely applies to this charming city.

Torshavn is situated on the largest island of the archipelago of Faroe Islands, Streymoy. The capital is surrounded by sea, making it a popular fishing harbor. The climate of the city is uncommon as it rarely goes below zero, and even in winter temperatures stay around 6°C. An interesting fact is that in summer temperatures don’t rise a great deal, staying around 10°C. Overall, this simplifies life in Torshavn; clothing needs don’t vary much, and people have gotten use to having about the same weather all year long.