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3 Amusement Parks in Europe and How to Make the Best of Them

Many people consider that visiting and experiencing amusement parks is a travel activity meant for kids. But if you look at the hundreds of thousands of people taking by assault such “kid” places, you will notice that young and seasoned adults alike have the time of their lives. Today, we will take a trip around Europe and virtually visit three famous amusement parks to see the true benefits of organizing your couple or family vacation with them included in your plans.

1. Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland needs little to no presentation, especially the one in Paris – as it attracts around fifteen million tourists every year and here are top attraction in Paris. It is situated in the Paris suburban area of Marne-la-Vallée, and it makes one of the most appraised amusement parks on the old continent. The park is divided into four main areas: Discoveryland, Frontierland, Adventureland,and Fantasyland. Besides the famous Disney Castle, you get to see here a myriad of attractions, parades, roller coasters, shows, and Disney characters.

However, a vacation in Paris and a full experience of Disneyland doesn’t have to end here. Put on your travel canvas backpacks, arm yourself with cameras and make the best of the park and its surroundings: you also have the Disney Village to visit, the Aquarium Sea Life complex and, for the connoisseurs, the Vallée Outlet Shopping Village.

Paris is a very large city, but if you are there, don’t miss out the most important cultural, spiritual, historical and touristic attractions. Don’t miss out the famous bohemian artistic neighborhood of Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré Coeur Church, a walk on Champs-Élysées or a trip to La Defense, a business and commercial area which will make you feel you arrived in New York.

2. Legoland, Germany

Legoland, Germany

Legoland, Germany

The global success of the Lego game led to the creation of four large Lego-themed amusement parks. The last one built and the most famous oneis the Legoland in Germany. The park is located in Günzburg – halfway between Munich and Stuttgart – in the southern area of the country. The park is famous for attractions such as Lego Studios, the Pirates Area, the Adventure Area, the Atlantis Sea Life – an amazing indoor aquatic world – roller coasters, workshops, shows, and adventures.

But visiting Legoland can be just the cherry on top. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, a city vibrant with history, culture, touristic attractions, and nightlife. There are dozens of things to see and do in Munich, so plan your vacation to include the top attractions of this incredible city as well.

How about Stuttgart? This city is one of Europe’s best destinations, as it is a mix of old and new, futuristic and classic styles, vibrant German life and amazing novelties. Don’t miss out the Porsche Museum if you are into legendary cars, or the Ludwigsburg Palace – the biggest surviving Baroque palace complex in the country – if you are a history and culture buff. You can find more budget sport in Germany.

3. PortAventura Park, Spain

PortAventura Park

PortAventura Park

PortAventura is a Spanish amusement park which gained a formidable reputation on the continent for the friendly and cheerful atmosphere all tourists of all ages enjoy here. There is a multitude of attractions, shows, workshops, parades, and adventures, all set in a fairytale landthat charms children and adults alike. The fascinating universe of pure magic entertainment of PortAventura is majestically completed by the park’s surroundings: it is situated on the Dorada coast of Spain – one of the most appraised beach destinations in the world – and it is only an hour drive distance from the legendary city of Barcelona.

The top PortAventura attractions are divided into areas of interest.You reallymust not miss out on the Mediterranean Area (with its Catapult Adventure), The Volcano Escape Adventure (an activity for the whole family to enjoy), the Polynesia Area, some famous roller-coasters, a rodeo adventure in the Far West area and many more.

You can include your PortAventura visit in a larger vacation on Costa Dorada, one of the most popular coasts on the Mediterranean. You can get here a perfect tan and a dream-like seaside vacation, but also many leisure activities, a lot of fun and a lot of culture and Spanish staple traditions, foods and entertainment, all placed in a natural landscape that takes your breath away.

The PortAventura Park can also be an important attraction of a more extended trip to Barcelona. One of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe, Barcelona is a true jewel. It is the cultural, historical, artistic and entertainment capital of Spain. Don’t miss out the SagradaFamilia, the Gaudi buildings, the Gothic neighborhood, the Guell Park, the Picasso Museum, the Camp Nou stadium (if you’re a football fan), Las RamblasAvenue and many more. A mix of gothic, modern and contemporary architecture and style, Barcelona is a dream came true for many tourists.

If you are planning a trip this summer in Europe, take into account some of the best amusement parks there and their wondrous surroundings. You won’t regret anything! Find the top 10 Places to visit in Spain

How to Save Big On Your Next Vacation to Munich

Munich is well respected for its historic sights and is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is also the largest city in Southern Germany and is known for holding the annual Oktoberfest festival. Beer enthusiasts and adventurers gather in Munich each year for this festival, but Munich is not only famous for its beer. It is a cultural hub and is packed with both delicious traditional German and international cuisine. The best part about Munich is that it wasn’t bombed in World War II and thus, has retained and preserved most of its classical architecture in excellent condition.



If you have taken a vacation before, you will agree that additional costs add up to an insane amount, even after paying for the plane fares and accommodation. If you want to spend your vacation in Munich but are on a tight budget, these tips can help you save a lot of Euros.

Look Out For Discounts

If you have a student card or if you are over 65, you can save on admission tickets to most of the public attractions in Munich. It doesn’t matter if your student card was issued in your local school or an Ivy League college. Just look out for the word Ermäβigingen, which means concessions and find out if you qualify for a discount.

Save Big With a Ticket Card

The Munich City Tour Card is just like a transport ticket but is quite economical. It provides you with discounts to over 30 museums and other attractions in Munich. It can also help you save a lot on entrance fees. Moreover, most of the attractions offer free entries on Sunday or at low prices of €1. But you will have to pay more if you want to see special exhibitions or want a tour guide.

Eat Cheaper

It is ideal to eat at students’ hangouts. Choose any one of the 35 eateries present along the main university block for great deals. The food block is located parallel to Amalienstrasse and Turkenstrasse. There are several bakeries, restaurants and food stalls that provide traditional German food at extremely low prices. Another thing that will lower your food expenses is to eat your lunch in place of dinner. There are several Bavarian restaurants that have lunch menus comprising of entrees, mains and desserts. The prices are much cheaper and the food bill is lower as compared to ordering the same thing in the evening.

Choose a Hostel or an Apartment

Hotels can be expensive. If you want to save money while visiting Munich, opt for staying at a student hostel or a last-minute discounted holiday apartment in Munich. You can save a lot of money by making an informed decision to stay at an economical place in Munich.

Use Public Transportation

The best way to see Munich is on foot or by renting a bike. If those two options don’t appeal to you, or your destination is far away, choose public transport over renting a car. Rental cars can be quite costly. Fortunately, Munich has an excellent public transportation system of trains, buses and trams. You can save a lot by purchasing a three-day transportation card.
These ideas will help you to keep your vacation budget in check and help you enjoy your time in Munich without worrying over the costs.

Famous German Castles to Visit During Your Holiday

For some, visiting Germany and its fairy-tale castles is a dream journey. If you have finally been successful in booking cheap airline ticket to Germany and have a few days to spare, you will need to choose among a long list of castles that you want to visit. So pack up your sun block and lots of camera batteries because you are about to have time of your life. Once you enter Germany, you get to enjoy rich cuisine topped with ancient heritage of Europe that you get to visit. Here are top five famous German castles that you must visit:

1. Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz

Located near the mighty Moselle River that lies between Trier and Koblenz, there lies the Burg Eltz Castle that was constructed around 12th Century. The best part about this castle is that it still holds the original furnishing in some of the rooms. Burg Eltz stands tall above a big rock amidst the forest. The castle has armory that is full of silver and gold artifacts and it is famous for having the best jewelry and porcelain within Europe.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is considered as Germany’s most photographed building. It also happens to be among the top European tourist attractions. After booking a room at one of the best luxury hotels in Germany, this castle is usually the next stop of every tourist. The castle was built around late 1800’s and it never was constructed for the purpose of defense, it was basically a luxurious retreat of Bavaria’s Ludwig II. The location itself of the castle is breathtakingly stunning, with the backdrop of the exotic Bavarian Alps.

3. Mespelbrunn Castle

Mespelbrunn Castle

Mespelbrunn Castle

Mespelbrunn Castle happens to be one of the most famous Renaissance mansions. It is one of the few castles that have been preserved in their complete original form with giant towers giving a clear evidence of the 15th century. This medieval mansion is carefully hidden in an exotic valley and has its fall full of Renaissance art. You can see the painting of the Knight Peter Echter and his wife Lady Adelsheim on one of the columns of the castle.

4. Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle

In Schwerin’s main lake island stands the mighty Schwerin Castle, which used to be home to Mecklenburg’s grand dukes. It is said that the castle has been there since as early as 10th century. The castle also has reported paranormal activity going on, so for paranormal lovers, there is the ghost of Petermännchen haunting the place!

5. Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle

Some eighty miles above the north of the hill stands the dominating part of the landscape: Heidelberg Castle. The ruins of this castle are Alps most visited Renaissance remains. The castle hides between its walls a long dark history of turbulence, and was destroyed in the Thirty Years War. It was again destroyed in the 17th century by French and then struck by the lightning in around 1760’s. Although most of the castle has gone down, the walls still stand tall and reminds us of the troubled history.

See Germany on a Budget: Top 10 Spots

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it wrote Goethe. Germany has many attractions to offer; whether you want to visit historical sites, museums or just walk the streets of Berlin and see its fascinating people, here is a list of places to go and see on a budget.

1. The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall

Pieces of this symbol of division still remain in Berlin. Take a guide and learn about how East and West Germany existed as two different entities from 1961 until 1989. You can also buy a little souvenir in the form of pebbles from the wall to take home with you.

2. Brandenburg Gate

The best time to visit the Brandenburg gate is at the end of the spring or early summer. This landmark is an entry to the boulevard of linden trees. Just imagine the scent given by the trees! The gate was built in the 18th century and its original design was based on the gateway to the Acropolis in Athens.

3. Bonn


This peaceful city served as a temporary capital of Germany from 1949 to 1991. It is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven and there are plenty of things to do here: sightseeing, museums and boat rides on the river.

4. Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo

Get the family, hop in the subway and get off at the Zoo station. Have a whole day of fun at one of Europe’s largest Zoos. See the penguins, marvel at the grey wolves and catch a glimpse of over 9,000 species of animals and fish at the Aquarium.

5. The Reichstag Building

Reichstag Building

The Reichstag historical building in Berlin began being built in 1871 and was finished in 1894. It was badly affected by a fire in 1933 and was renovated to its current state in 1999. Its most impressive feature is its dome, made of glass, which offers a 360-degree view of the cityscape. The Reichstag tour will provide you with valuable information about Germany’s second most visited attraction.

6. Museum Island

Museum Island

The Spree River is home to Museum Island, a place where five of Berlin State Museums are located: The Old Museum, The New Museum, The Old National Gallery, The Bode Museum and The Pergamon Museum. The complex was added in 1999 to the UNESCO listing of World Heritage Sites.

7. Linderhof Castle

Linderhof Castle

Ludwig II used the palace of Versailles as inspiration for his castle. The Baroque and Italian style gardens are said to be mesmerizing. For a small fee, a tour guide will explain its history let you in on a few secrets of the place.

8. The Kölner Dom

Kölner Dom

The largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe, the Kölner Dom took a staggering 632 years to complete (things were moving slow back in 1248 when its construction started). Admission is free and climbing up to the tower is only € 2.50. This cathedral, some say, is protected by a divine power. It was bombed numerous times during World War II, but it remained intact.

9. Goethe House and Museum

Goethe House and Museum

If you’re in Frankfurt, stop by Goethe’s house to see the desk where he began writing Faust. He lived there until 1765 when he decided to move to Leipzig to study law.

10. Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau Concentration Camp

Get to know more about the horrible things that happened during the World War II. This concentration camp was the first of its kind built in Germany, serving as a model for the ones that followed. Over 200,000 prisoners were registered and more than 31,000 deaths. Say a prayer for all their souls here at the Dachau Concentration Camp.

Berlin, Germany – where a wall fell and liberty arose

Travel to Berlin, Germany, is a formidable opportunity to uncover intriguing sight in a city filled with historical importance. The wonders of Berlin are plentiful and because there are so many interesting places to visit, it is a perfect vacation spot for everyone. Berlin went through many difficulties and changes in recent years and the population gained freedom, at the price of blood, to be able to enjoy an environment today that people all over the world come to visit.

Berlin is a World City because of its culture, media, science and political impact on the world.  The overall moderate climate of the city incites travelers from many countries to come for a pleasant sojourn. Many significant business events occur in the International Congress Centrum where businessmen gather from around the globe.

Sometimes unmentioned, the city’s nightlife is also very lively and offers a great diversity of possibilities. Renowned techno nightclubs can be found in Berlin which include, among many others, the Berghain and the KitKatClub. Festivals take place frequently and are quite spectacular in nature enticing many visitors. The Karneval Der Kulturen is one of these – this carnival hosts parading artists from multiple ethnic groups, every year on Pentecost weekend.

The Zoological Garden, an enjoyable distraction in Berlin has the most varied amounts of different species that can be seen in any zoo on earth. The Botanical Garden of Berlin is also considered one of the greatest gardens in the world. Grandeur and outstanding events are abounding in Berlin.

Museums and art galleries don’t escape this rule. The Museum Island is the perfect example as it is an island internationally famous for the five museums that are located there; the Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum and finally the Pergamon Museum. This museum complex is so world important that it was classed as a World Heritage by the UNESCO, making it one of the exceptional attractions in Berlin Germany each of which is unique and full of wonder.

Transportation isn’t difficult in the city as the transport infrastructure was created to provide diverse ways to reach different locations. Car rental in Berlin Germany is a possible alternative for easy access to different spots in the city itself or for sights surrounding the city. Cheap flights to Berlin can be found from most destinations. For instance, a budget flight from London costs about £61 ($98).  A ticket from New York can be found at approximately $550, but it is possible to find fares starting at $300 when promos are available through flight agencies.

Berlin Germany Hotels offer all sorts of price and accommodation options. Cheap hotels are generally in the outskirts of town. The Winter’s Hotel Berlin City Messe is located close to the capital and proposes incredible rates starting at 29€ ($39). The luxurious Hotel Adlon Kempiski Berlin insures convenience and comfortable nights in the heart of the city, with rates which start at 264€ ($363).

Formed in a perfect alliance of historical monuments and modern attractions, Berlin never ceases to surprise visitors. There is so much to say about the city’s sight-seeing tours, that only a visit can truly satisfy one’s curiosity – come and see for yourself how great Berlin is.