How to Find a Cheap Flight From London to New York

When you are looking for cheap flights to New York, there are certain things that you should decide before you start looking. These are:

1. Does it matter which London Airport you fly from.
2. Does it matter which New York Airport you fly to.
3. Are your flight dates and times, to and from flexible?
4. Does it matter which day of the week you travel?
5. Does it need to be direct flights? i.e. no flight changes.

These are questions you will need to know the answers to as you look through the options of flights.

The best place to then start looking for that cheap fare to New York is on the internet, there are plenty of sites to choose from. Browse through as many sites as you have time for.

Cheap Flight from London to New York
Cheap Flight from London to New York

Travel experts say that Tuesday afternoons are the best time to search for deals on airfares as it is at this time that deals are offered by airlines for the rest of the week and sometimes beyond that. Travel advisers will tell you that if you know you will make a return flight later in the year that you look for that flight at the same time, as many great offers are available well in advance.

Don’t restrict yourself to just looking at the cheap flight sites. Also check if there are any cheap airlines to New York currently operating and even check the major or national airlines, they sometimes have some great deals of their own.

Do not stop checking because you come across one good deal. Make a note of it and keep searching, there may be a better one. This though needs a little discretion as if not taken up straight away, when you go back to the site the offer may have gone. According to Travel + Leisure airline ticket prices can change as many as three times per day.

Whilst looking for that good deal, keep these helpful tips in mind:

1. Although most cheap fares start at 8PM on Mondays and run till 8PM on Thursdays, some experts say that the cheapest flights can be found around 3PM on Tuesdays. Avoid flying on weekends as they are usually the most expensive times.
2. Discount airlines aren’t always the cheapest, check out all the airline websites.
3. Connecting flights can often be far cheaper than non-stop direct flights.

If there are a group of you traveling, also check out the individual fares. If airlines are one place short, they often bump up the whole group to the next best offer, are there options?

Do you need accommodation when you get there?

Often you can get good deals on a combination of flights plus hotels, perhaps the savings on the hotel will make the flights the cheapest options.

If you do have travel agents don’t be afraid to use them. Often working with them can provide the best deals. Remember they are professionals at doing this and it is in their best interests not to lose your business, perhaps they’ll find something that you may have missed.

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