Colombia Bogotá and Other Wonders

Colombia is a handful, if nothing less. It is a country, which is home to many distinguished cities, bubbling with energy and incandescent beauty. Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, founded in 1538, is the third largest city in South America. Cheap flights are available to Bogotá from U.S.A, U.K and many other places as low as $381. Located at the heart of the Colombia, Bogotá is at an altitude of 8600ft. The beauty of Bogotá mirrors the perfect fusion of Colombia’s traditions, which were heavily influenced by Spanish colonial strains. Bogotá is home to numerous chronological sights, which have been lovingly preserved over the years. Places like the Cathedral, the Capilla del Sangrario, situated on the main square, the Plaza Bolivar and Capitol Municipal Palace are a few of the many sights in Bogotá which can warm any heart.

Hotels in Bogotá Colombia are plenty! Cheap hotels in Bogotá are available for as low as $23! Car rental facilities are also available to tourists in Bogotá for as low as $7 a day, which is very economical for all tourists! Once your hotels and travel is sorted out, you should begin with your tour. Perhaps the most exquisite place to visit in Bogotá is the Gold Museum, which has more than 100,000 pieces of pre-Colombian artworks. The museum displays a wide array of charming pre-Hispanic gold work collection, which is the largest around the world. The exhibition rooms, which are, situated on the second and third floors of the museum exhibit this phenomenal collection. Gold artwork is not the only monumental highlight of this place, works in stone, wood, pottery textile and shell also ornate the displays of this glorious museum. All these metals and materials are not only considered sacred amongst the people, but are also deemed as the chief articles of Colombia which testify and pay homage to the existence and ideas of different communities that populated this country before the European influences.

Colombia Bogotá
Colombia Bogotá

Towards the southern side of Bogotá, around 49 miles away, lies Zipaquirá, which is known for its salt mines. Zipaquirá is not only known for its ravishing salt mines but also for being one of the oldest human settlements of the world. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is a mesmerising site if nothing more. It is a 200 meters underground Cathedral, which is built inside the tunnels of a salt mine in a Halite mountain. This Cathedral can accommodate up to 8400 people and its sheer grandeur can render any individual speechless. It is not only a landmark for tourists but is also a sacred centre for pilgrimage.

When I entered the Cathedral I found out that it has three sections, which symbolise the birth, life and death of Jesus. The architectural detailing of this place is almost breathtaking because iconic objects and other ornaments have been hand carved into the isometric crystals of the walls. There is a sense of deep wonder that an individual feels while exploring the different areas of the Cathedral. It is perhaps the most valued and remarkable accomplishment of the Colombia’s architecture. It is also popularly known amongst the masses as the Jewel of Modern Architecture, because it not only represents a rare sense of beauty, purity, and sacredness but also a cultural and traditional milestone in the hearts of many. Inside the meandering salt mines of Zipaquirá and the splendid artefacts of Bogotá, lies Colombia’s real beauty and essence. So don’t wait any longer…Bogotá awaits!

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