Top Creepy Getaway: 7 Destinations To Visit During Halloween

We all get our adrenaline from somewhere or – something. For some people it’s jumping off a cliff and for a selective group of people, a shiver down the spine and hair rising on the back of one’s neck does the trick. If you form part of this group and think that today’s horror films lack the “je ne sais quoi” that once had you gripping the edge of your seat, watching the screen both in fear and curiosity, and perhaps had you fighting the urge to hold onto your friend for dear life – then we have just the suggestion for you.

Before we get into it all, we have to ask. Have you always dreamed of traveling the world and being the star of your own “Ghostbusters” movie? We thought so! If your guts are intact and you can stomach the idea of being surrounded by the things that go bump in the night, then why not be bold and take up our suggestion on the greatest places to travel and the scariest haunted houses to visit all around the world at the cheapest airline ticket rates?  If you are into this sort of thing

Listed below is a list of a few popular haunted houses that you can visit to work towards a Globetrotting Ghost buster status.

Scariest Ghost Houses Around The World

The Castle of Good Hope – Cape Town, South Africa

The Castle of Good Hope - Cape Town, South Africa
The Castle of Good Hope

Cape Town is known as the mother city in a country rich in culture, history and diversity. Travel using British airways for reasonable prices.

St Augustine Lighthouse – Florida, USA  

St Augustine Lighthouse

Florida is popularly known for its light-hearted tourist attractions such as Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, LEGOLAND Florida and Disney’s Animal Kingdom but all roads lead to St Augustine Lighthouse for the ghost busting globetrotters. Travel using Spirit Airlines.

The White House – Washington D.C, USA

The White House
white House

Home of the president of the Free World. There is more to the White House than meets the eye. If you are traveling, travel with Virgin America.

Babenhausen Barracks – Hesse, Germany

Babenhausen Barracks

Hesse has beautiful buildings like the Eberbach Abbey and Lorsch Abbey but the building Babenhausen Baracks. Travel using Condor, Lufthansa USA or Austrian Airlines.

Cháteu de Brissac – Maine et Loire, France

Cháteu de Brissac

Maine et Loire has many castles but for those who seek a creepy getaway – Cháteu de Brissac is your stop. Travel using Delta.

Monte Cristo Homestead – New South Wales, Australia

Monte Cristo Homestead

The Great Barrier Reef is also home of the Monte Cristo Homestead, which is listed as one of the scariest ghost houses around the world. Travel using Delta.

Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Travel the world and make a stop in Scotland, to the Edinburgh Castle for some serious ghost busting. Travel using Virgin Atlantic. Get a head start and tick off a few countries on that ever growing bucket list. Will you take on the challenge and go on that creepy getaway? We don’t call it Globetrotting Ghostbusting for nothing. Just how brave are you? Wait! Don’t tell us – rather show us!