10 Bucket List Items Europe’s For Cheap Destinations

If you’re planning to take a vacation, you cannot go wrong with Europe. Whether you are on a budget or willing to splurge, the old continent has everything for everyone: gorgeous beaches in Greece, fantastic mountains in Switzerland, the best museums and the oldest history. We’ll be counting down 10 cheap destinations that won’t make you feel like you’re on a tight budget.

1.      Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam Netherland

Amsterdam is expensive, that is for sure. Then why is it on the top of our list? Because it doesn’t have to be expensive.Find a hotel that is not in the center of the bustling city, but in the North region. They are much cheaper and in only 15 minutes you will find yourself in the center of the city with the help of a free ferry that leaves every 10 minutes.

2.      Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

If you want a classic vacation, Rome can offer you that. Museums, landmarks, history, architecture and food – all of these cost little money or none. All it takes is a little effort and in no time you can find a cheap hotel in the heart of the city.

3.      Krakow, Poland

Krakow Poland

One of the oldest cities in Poland, Krakow is a gem when it comes to history and local culture. Its parks and gardens, such as the Botanical garden will delight and relax you. Streetcars and bus lines crisscross the city – much cheaper than getting a cab. Admire the works of Leonardo and Rembrandt at the Czartoryski Museum.

4.      Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

The largest city in Portugal, Lisbon is an architectural delight. With its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles, one can spend hours just gazing up at the buildings. Use electric trams to get around and do go to see the Jerónimos Monastery, one of the most visited buildings in Portugal.

5.      Prague, the Czech Republic


The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a sight for sore eyes. It will immediately make you forget about all your troubles. Once in Prague, it is imperative that you walk as much as you can. It is the only way to really take in the local flavor of the city. When tired, stop by a small bistro, order a sandwich and one of their famous beers and relax.

6.      Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Hungary

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and its most beautiful city. Visit the Parliament Building and the Margaret Island. If you’re a night owl, you won’t get bored in Budapest. The streets are alive until the early hours of the morning.

7.      Thasos, Greece

Thassos Greece

One of the cheapest islands of Greece, Thasos offers almost everything the larger and most popular islands do, but on a budget. Aliki beach seems straight out of a fairy tale and the food prices are very low. Enjoy a Greek vacation on a budget in wonderful Thasos.

8.      Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Croatia

If you’ve seen pictures of Dubrovnik, then there isn’t much more to be said about this city. The old city is one of the most jaw-dropping cities in Europe.

9.      Paris, France

Paris, France

Who said that Paris has to be expensive? Find yourself a quaint little hotel and just explore the city by foot. Get a map and get lost in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sure, going inside the Eiffel tower costs money, but who says you can’t lie on the grass beside it and take some awesome photos?

10.  Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is among the largest cities in the world. Whether you are there for the architecture, the culture or the food, there is no better place in Turkey to have a great time. Be sure to visit the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest covered markets where you will find great prices on silver and gold.


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