Even UFOs come to Bratislava Slovakia

The tranquil streets of Bratislava have kept their captivating medieval style. Roads are narrow in this picturesque setting surrounded by antique buildings, and when engulfing winds blow through the age-old streets it will surely spark the imagination of onlookers, transporting them back into a forgotten era.   Slovakia has become increasingly touristic; one reason is the low-cost Bratislava flights obtainable from most of Europe. These astonishingly cheap Bratislava trips sell for £31 from London and 38€ from Paris.

The capital of Slovakia has in keeping a very unique construction which is located in the middle of the bridge across the Danube.  “Novy Most” is the word for “new bridge” and this bridge road harbors a tall tower which, at the top, contains a circular flying-saucer shaped restaurant; a perfect landing spot for UFO’s…and even named after them, UFO!  This is a landmark structure in Bratislava and is frequently visited, either for appetizing meals or simply for a visit to the Observation Deck, especially recommended for those who are hoping to witness a UFO.  Customers in the restaurant can admire the city from a panoramic view, while at the same time tasting one of the delicious dishes that are served here.

The Bratislava Castle and St. Martin’s Church are interesting places to visit and are located not far from the bridge.  Bratislava Castle is known for having a tremendous view, and since it has been completely renovated, it is a site well worth visiting. It has been said that on a clear day it is possible to get a glimpse of Austria and Hungary from the top of the castle.  Bratislava Castle was completely destroyed by fire in 1811, and it was only the passion of persistent individuals, fallen under its charm, that enabled it to be entirely rebuilt and transformed from just an old memory into the beautiful castle that can be seen today.

After an enjoyable walk in the cozy streets of the Old Town of Bratislava, travelers will often come across another intriguing site, St. Martin’s Cathedral.   This gothic construction served as the coronation church for Hungarian kings and their consorts between 1563 and 1830. It has marvelous stained glass windows and also contains a rare relic, the body of St John the Merciful from the 7th century.

Hotels in Bratislava are available all around the city, but in the outskirts more budget rates can be found. Hotel Zvarac is a cheap and attractive accommodation located 20 minutes from the center of Bratislava. Rates here start at 31€. The Hotel Forum Bratislava is a prestigious resort accommodation that ensures a relaxing environment for tired travelers or businessmen. Prices begin at 190€ for regular rooms.

Bratislava is an enjoyable destination – very inexpensive for a restful stay offering great vacation opportunities for people from all around Europe. It’s also a good starting point for visiting the surrounding countries who each offer their own unique sights and interesting attractions. Slovakia is the perfect example of how it’s possible to have an exciting and fulfilling vacation at a low cost.