Family Holidays in Africa

Family holidays can always be a little tricky to orchestrate. You want something that is interesting for your self but you want to make sure that your children are entertained, interested and above all, safe at all times. In this, it seems that the easiest thing to do is simply go for another package holiday where you can catch a little peace, there are activities for children and you can enjoy some nice weather.

This may seem like a fairly boring idea, especially if it is something you are more than used to. If you broaden your search slightly, you can find some really interesting, out of the ordinary and truly rewarding trips, that tick the above boxes easily but give so much more in terms of experience.

Mahlatini in Africa

Mahlatini and other online family holiday specialists offer great advice on family holidays in the vibrant and diverse continent that is Africa. Africa is a total culture shock and broadens the horizons of any traveller lucky enough to tread foot in this tropical and effervescent land.

Visiting countries such as Kenya, Botswana and Uganda will give you and your family the chance to take in a safari. Safari experiences are among the most memorable you can find and there are some that are designed specifically for the whole family. Safety is never an issue as you make your way through the nature reserves, home to the most fascinating wildlife in the world.

Africa, with its breath taking coastline and sandy white idyllic beaches also offers an array of outdoor activity holidays such as water sports and rock climbing, perfect for all the family.

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