The Most Amazing and Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy, for a number of reasons, is Southern Europe’s one of the most popular travel destinations. Boot-shaped, Italy holds within its boundaries hundreds of tourist attractions, including exotic landscapes, treasures of art, fashion as well as top notch cuisine. Within Italy, you will find a thousand things to do and see and explore that you will constantly run out of time and still not be able to do the half of those things. This being said, you should also know that Italy happens to have the biggest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will find mastery of art in architecture as well as monuments in every nook and corner of this country. However, to narrow some down for your convenience, following are the top Italy tourist attractions:

10. Roman Forum

Roman Forum
Roman Forum

If we transport to the ancient Italy, Roman Forum will be the spot where all the life of the city would be found. Center of city life, this ancient site was used for various rituals, festivities, celebrations as well as funerals. Until around 7th century B.C., this area was a green marshland. However, around 8th Century B.C., the green of the area was gone and it became more of a wasteland. Today, if you travel to Italy you will find a whole map of this place, which will guide you through the arches and structure and eventually lead you to Palatine Hill top, from where you can have an exotic view of the whole city.

9. Manarola


Situated by the Italian Riveria, Manarola happens to be among Cinque Terre’s oldest of the towns. One major attraction people find in Cinque Terre is that it is, even in today’s century pretty much secluded from the modern development. The villages here are interconnected through wild paths, boats as well as trains. There is no way for the cars to reach the city from the outskirts and well, the whole area is made within the mountain itself, giving off a grand view of the Mediterranean Sea.

8. Italian Lake District

Italian Lake District
Italian Lake District

Stretching across the outskirts of Northern Italy, Italian Lake District offers breathtaking natural views. Another attraction of this district is that the lake that goes within it has flat land at southern end and mountains on the northern end. These mountainous lakes go further deep within the Alps and have been source of tourist attraction for hundreds of years. The land around these lakes has pleasant weathers as well as exotic scenery, everything that is just perfect for a getaway. If you are further looking for lesser-populated area, then Maggiore to the west has several secluded family resorts.

7. Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps

Europe’s widest as well as longest staircase, Spanish Steps have been drawing tourists to Italy for years. It is among the top most famous places in Italy. At the foot of this staircase lies the Barcaccia fountain, and on the top of the stairs stands the tall and mighty Trinità dëi Monti church. However, the most famous spot among the tourists lies between these two landmarks, in the middle of the staircase, you get to sit down, relax and watch the city go about in front of you.

6. Pompei


One of Italy’s most memorable historical events was the volcano Vesuvuis eruption in 79 AD. This eruption led to total destruction of the nearby town names as Pompei, and turned into the land of soil and ash. However, this horrible led to the preservation of the city as it was. Everything was somehow frozen in time and today; it provides the historians and tourists with a great insight into the way these people lived more than two thousand years ago!

5. San Gimignano

San Gimignano
San Gimignano

Also called the “Medieval Manhattan”, San Gimignano is Tuscany’s village that has gained fame for the “fourteen stone towers”. When San Gimignano was at the very height of power and wealth, around seventy towers were constructed around it in order to protect it against the enemy. After the plague of 1348, the city was deserted and so were its high towers.

4. Capuchin Crypt

Capuchin Crypt
Capuchin Crypt

While many will find it hauntingly disturbing, Capuchin Crypt located beneath Our Lady of the Conception of Capuchins is said to be something that celebrates the religious order of the friars. It was the friars who carefully arranged the bones of the dead into proper frames and displays at various spots across the crypt, including at the Crypt of the Resurrection and Crypt of the Skulls. If you take a look at the history, you will realize that it is not actually a story of massacre, but a tale of death and resurrection.

3. Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo
Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo happens to be among Europe’s greats of the medieval squares. It is also the major public space of Siena, Tuscany. The place is famous all across the world for its architecture and beauty. The Pallazo Pubblico, along with its mighty tower surrounds the piazza, which is shell-shaped. A horse race is held here twice a year, which involves circling of the Piazza del Campo thrice.

2. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Who hasn’t heard about the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! This unusual building, which looks like it will fall any moment, took more than 150 to complete. Its construction started in 1173, and soon after that the building started sinking because of its poor foundation. For a century it was forsaken and then the construction began again, finally coming to and end in around second half of fourteenth century. It has a total of 269 steps.

1. Colosseum


If you have been to Italy and haven’t been to The Colosseum in Rome, you haven’t done justice to the country, and yourself. Colosseum was the biggest as well as the most famous amphitheater of the ancient Rome and was built by the orders of emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty. The coliseum has a 50,000 seating capacity and has more than eighty entrances. In case of rain and scorching sun, the spectators were covered through the sails named as velarium. The Colosseum of Rome is no doubt one of the most famous places to visit in Italy.

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