Explorer The Real Places Cheap Accommodation in Sydney

While planning a trip to Sydney, the most important part is choosing an accommodation. This is especially true if you are travelling on a budget. The less you pay for hotels, the more you have left to explore the beauties of the city, not mention spend on the adventures you have planned. But the biggest question is where to stay in Sydney.


On the Internet, there are many websites that can guide you to find cheap hotels in Sydney and can also help you make bookings in advance. We have tips that can make your travel decisions easier. By following these, you can have a fulfilling vacation as well as have money to spare.

Steering Clear of Scams

Once you start making bookings online, your screen will be filled with offers that seem too good to be true. You have to be careful in pursuing these offers as they may just be a scam and you may end up in a posh hotel owing them more money than you thought you would. Or worse, there might not be any reservation at all.  So it is always best not to trust these offers without doing thorough research.

Do Some Research

Take out some time to find the best location for your hotel, as you might not want to end up in a cheap hotel that is so far away from the main tourist sightseeing areas that you have to spend twice as much on transport. Also make sure you search up the great Southern hotel in Sydney. Make a complete list of all the areas you plan on visiting and then with a help of a map choose on a place making all destinations accessible for you. Also don’t settle for the first offer but consider different options to ensure you get great value as well as a great price.

Read some reviews

It is always a good idea to read what other people’s experience was when they stayed in that hotel. This will help you to choose between various choices you have and get a clear picture of what to expect in your budget.

Believing the word of mouth

Word of mouth is more accurate than any other information. The best way to choose a cheap accommodation in Sydney could be to just ask your friends or anybody in your social circle and make bookings according to their guidance. In this way you get the benefit of firsthand experience along with plain information.

Make bookings in advance

Making bookings well in advance always helps you save more money so make sure to plan ahead of time. There are some hotels which give even better rate if you book earlier. Some of these hotels include Great Southern Hotel Sydney, Wallacia Hotel and Sydney Getaway Holiday Park.

Hostels or bed and breakfast

if your budget still does not allow you to get grand hotels, you can always look for some hostels or bed and breakfast options in Sydney. You can check YHA Railway Square Hostel, Central Park Backpackers, Burwood Bed & Breakfast and Manly Backpackers.