Fish and chips to Big Ben in one day — only possible in London

London, UK is a dynamic yet culturally profound city. A metropolis where almost anything goes, the source of this energetic fervor is incrusted in its history. It was previously named Londinium by the Roman founders, and was deemed an imperial center for commercial affairs. Today it does not cling to old fashioned ways but is an extremely animated city with flights to London England every few minutes from around the world.

There are an abundant amount of touristic activities in London, four of which are listed in the World Heritage by the UNESCO. One listed activity is the Tower of London. This structure has very unique characteristics and is located near the bank of the river Thames. Next on the list are the world-famous Kew Gardens, which include 121 hectares of awesome and notorious plants, patiently awaiting the assured admiration of tourists who visit this incredibly beautiful destination.  The Palace of Westminster is another renowned attraction, as is Westminster Abbey, Greenwich and finally the astounding St. Margaret’s Church. All these historically embedded sites ensure peaceful and reflective moments of enjoyment.  These are just a few of the many notable sights in London.  An exceptionally romantic place is the London Eye — it is the highest Ferris wheel in Europe (also called the Millennium Wheel) —and is said to permeate tranquility and leave its spectators in utter amazement.

For a newer view on London there is the Piccadilly Circus, which is a famous road junction that connects Regent Street to the main shopping street.  Even the underground holds many mysteries– “the tube” as it is often called is the oldest underground railway in the world. Public transportation and the famous “red buses” provide easy trips around the city, but nothing beats a car during vacation. Cheap car rental London can be found at prices starting from $125 for a period of 3 days. Be aware of an essential detail if you are considering renting a car — the English drive on the left side of the road. This may seem an unimportant trivial to let slide by, but changes in driving habits can be dangerous (as many injured people can attest) so take care. Competitive prices can be found on many packages for visits to London from all around the world. Traveling to England by air is often very inexpensive and a lot of travel agencies frequently propose sales on flights to London.A lot of people visiting from outside also opt for the London show and hotel deals available.

Prestigious hotels in Londonare known around the world — the Claridges Hotel London and the Berkeley Hotel London both guarantee breathtaking nights in their grandiose rooms with rates starting at $500. Hotels in the city are generally costly but some budget ones can be found at prices around $65 such as the Ambassador Hotel South Kensington.

London has almost a limitless amount of sightseeing tours available every day. This makes it home to a myriad of travelers who hold in common one important desire – being able to participate in, and enjoy, an exceptional vacation in this remarkable city.  If you’re in search of just such satisfaction and hope to experience distinct and out-of-the-ordinary attractions, as well as being interested in taking sightseeing tours of significant historical value, then London is there for you to grasp.

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