Flying Through The Golden Egypt Towards The City Of A Thousand Minarets – Cairo

With a fertile history of mummies, and pharaohs, Egypt has developed an unprecedented reputation of being a Golden Country. The cultural significance of Egypt’s history has been embedded in the colossal pages of textbooks, literature, and even people’s hearts. Amongst the glittery throng of the world as it exists today, Egypt still holds the torch that ignites the hearts of millions throughout the world. A North African country, Egypt, forms a bridge between the Sinai Peninsula and Southwest Asia. Being a transcontinental country, Egypt has become a dominant power in the Mediterranean Basin, Africa, the Middle East, and around the Muslim World. Spread over 1,010,000 square kilometres (390,000 sq mi), this glorious country is enclosed by ravishing landmarks of the world like the Mediterranean Sea towards the north, Israel and the Gaza Strip towards the northeastern region, and the Red Sea towards the east. It is easy to enjoy all of this with all inclusive holidays to Egypt.

It’s capital, Cairo, also known as Le Caire in French, which means The Conqueror, has for years conquered the hearts of travellers, writers, and adventure seekers. Being the largest city of Egypt, Cairo is called The City of a Thousand Minarets, because of its elegant, and rich architectural beauty. Cairo’s architecture is heavily influenced by Islamic architecture, which therefore embeds the history of this wonderful city, deep within the womb of a lofty and throbbing culture.
Travel and tickets to Cairo are available from around the world, be it U.S.A, U.K or Canada. Cheap Cairo tickets are available as low as $495 departing from New York, while airfare from London to Cairo ranges from $395 – $448. Tourists can easily indulge in a phenomenal Cairo vacation owing to these competitive and cheap prices. Once in Cairo, the list for hotels and resorts is endless. Many comfortable yet exciting accommodations and hotels in Cairo are available, starting as low as $23 – $35 and going up to $315-$547 per night. Many of these hotels are centrally located which makes travelling and exploring this majestic city easier and accessible. In order to discover the many beautiful sights Cairo has to offer, car rental facilities are also available for as low as $43. If you’re travelling in a group, or with your families, these cars would not only help you access the different places throughout the city, but will also ensure an easier mode of tour, which you can do at your leisure!

A Cairo vacation cannot be complete if prospective tourists don’t witness the majestic Saqqara, which is an immense, prehistoric burial ground of Egypt. Situated 30 km south of Cairo city, this burial ground brings remnants of Cairo’s primordial history to light, as this necropolis houses many exalted pyramids, which includes the famous Step pyramid of Djoser. If you are an avid explorer, these pyramids would be a treat for your adventurous spirits. The jewel of Cairo is considered to be Islamic Cairo, which is centred on El Hussein. Visiting Islamic Cairo would be an intoxicating trip to all those individuals who are attracted to mysticism and Sufism. Cairo often houses Sufi and Dervish musical and dance nights, which portray whirling dervish, dancing the night away. Cairo has one of the world’s best cuisines, which are rich in savoury spices and aromas. Once in Cairo, you must travel to Massala, a delicious restaurant that provides dishes like the tender Lamb Rogan Josh, the spicy Murg Makhani, and the creamy Dahl Makhani. Don’t wait any longer; Cairo beckons your amorous hearts.

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