Top 10 Best Free Things to Do Outdoors in London

Whenever you visit large cities like London, especially if you are travelling as a family and have kids with you, is where to go and what to see. You will want to know the best places to go with kids, places which perhaps have fun activities to keep them interested and even if you aren’t on a budget you may still want to know about any free activities for kids, like the many free table tennis tables dotted around London.

Kids come in a variety of ages and have a variety of interests and so it would be hard to supply a list of free activities to suit all kids of all ages. Here however is a list of perhaps the most popular free outdoor activities that London has to offer and hopefully, at least a few of them may also appeal to some of the kids.

10. City Farms                            

City Farms
City Farms


There are more than a dozen inner-city farms in London, all of which allow the kids to pet animals and many of which have activities going on like, in the spring the Spitalfields Farm has an annual Goat Race between Oxford and Cambridge teams, whilst the Mudchute Farm on the Isle of Dogs, has as a backdrop to the sheep pens, the towers of Canary Wharf.

9. Olympic Park

Olympic Park
Olympic Park

Now that the games are over, the park is being transformed to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the biggest park created in urban Europe in 150 years. Whilst the re-development is on-going, there are still plenty of activities taking place.

8. Street Markets

Street Markets
Street Markets

These are always fun places to visit and London has plenty of them, like Camden market open daily from 10AM, Covent Garden market open daily from 10AM – 6PM and Greenwich Market open on weekends from 9AM – 5PM.

7. Street Performers

Street Performers
Street Performers

Along the South bank, especially outside the National Theatre, there are street performers every weekend but the ones that perform every afternoon at the Covent Garden Market, have auditioned and hold licences.

6. South Bank

South Bank
South Bank

There are an extraordinary number of London landmarks that can be seen from this part of River Thames banks including the London Eye.

5. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square

This square with Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery is somewhat of an icon and seems to be a must see for all tourists.

4. Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard
Changing the Guard

Although this takes place every other day in winter and every day in summer, inside the Buckingham palace grounds, it can always be watched from outside the gates but for the best view, try and reach early for the 11.30AM start.

3. Bridges Walk

Bridges Walk
Bridges Walk

This official route, updated in 2014, takes about 3 hours to walk but includes all of London’s major bridges.

2. London Parks and Gardens

London Parks and Gardens
London Parks and Gardens

There are an abundance of these in London that include Regents Park, home to Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens, views of Buckingham Palace from St. James’s Park and Kensington Gardens with the Princess Diana’s Memorial Playground.

1. Royal Walk

 Royal Walk
Royal Walk

This 3 hour official walk takes you past all of London’s major landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Downing Street.

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