Get Mesmerize in the beauty of Venice

It had been long due that I had been asking my husband to take me for a holiday .What I was actually looking for was a sort of a second honeymoon , where I could relive those moments of love and affection which I had shared with my partner long back. It was one day finally that he did grant me this wish, and that too in the very best of the way possible .The very next day – we were both flying to the epicentre of love in the entire world – Venice.

The very thought of such a place drew those images of elegant canals and picturesque gondola rides in my mind. As I wanted to fulfil this desire of mine, my hubby took me directly to the Canalazzo, immediately after touchdown

and practically divides the city into two parts. Surrounded by the elegant backdrops of the palazzo, Canalazzo truly the centre of activity in Venice and dries you into that fit of comfort and love.

Being a history freak, I was also hoping to taste a bit of European history, being in Venice. Our tour guide headed us straight to the heart of the city, where the St Mark’s Square is located. We also saw the burial site of the veteran Venetian sculptor – Antonio Canova. This was a gothic style church, built way back in the 14th century and is called as Basilica dei Frari.The La Fenice Theatre which we visited next was perhaps the greatest theatre I had come across in my life. What it would feel like for an artist performing on such a stage back the!!It was really interesting to know the roots of the word “ghetto”, seeing the Jewish ghetto. This ghetto is a home to five synagogues and is a lively historical hub in Venice.

The best thing about Venice which left me more than impressed about this mesmerising city of beauty was that unlike any other city in their world, there are no long traffic hold ups or jams. This is because the basic mode off commuting in Venice is either by foot or by boats .A very handy item to be carried and used in Venice, as we found out, was the Venice card. This card is a special card which provides handsome discounts at restaurants, food joints and bars, as well as free passes to a lot of historical attractions and museums. This was what we did when we heard about the Venice Card from our guide and it surely came in very handy.

If you are a fan of architectural excellence, you have got to come to the Rialto in this beautiful city. We were told by our guide that the Rialto was the first ever bridge built over the Great Canal and is a very busy place .Head there in the evening and you shall find it to be the liveliest place in Venice.

Our second honeymoon in Venice surely went way beyond my expectations and I am sure that this city of beauty and love is meant for every couple out there!

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