Grab Your Travel Bag and Fly to the World!

The art of finding a cheap flight is somewhat tricky, and it requires skill, patience, and a bit of luck in order to pull it off successfully. How do you do it? It’s not a secret club, and anyone can grab a cheap flight if they’re lucky enough to stumble upon one, but there are a few things you can to do lower that price in the general run of things.

Be Flexible with Days

If you’re rigid in your needs and you refuse to budge even slightly then you’re not going to find the cheapest deals. If you’re definite that you want to travel on a Saturday and Sunday, then you’re going to be paying more than if you’re willing to go mid-week.BANNER_DREAMS-TAKE-FLIGHT

Be Prepared to Travel Further

If you find a cheaper flight from a different airport, don’t discount the idea totally. If the cost of traveling there still works out cheaper than a flight from your usual airport then I’d recommend you still go for it. I do this a lot, and I book a parking spot with ParkBCP, driving myself there and taking my time as I go. This cuts out stress and it also saves money compared to public transport. There are great deals on extras such as this, so certainly check it out. I regularly use Stansted parking and can highly rate the service, so if you find a cheap deal from a London airport and you can make it work for you, go for it!

Go Indirect

Indirect flights can be a pain if they’re extremely long-winded, but some aren’t so bad, and if you can find one that doesn’t add an extreme number of hours to your flight, and only has a minimal connection time, then you could save big here. I do this quite a lot when travelling to Turkey in the winter months, and I go indirect via Istanbul. My connection time is around an hour and a half, and it saves me a considerable amount on winter direct flights, which aren’t that plentiful on the whole.

Watch and Wait

The best plan of action when you find a fight you might like to book is to watch the price for a few days. Try and avoid the temptation to keep checking it, as the site traffic online will equate to interest and probably drive the price up, so instead, check it every couple of days, and see if it comes down any further. It is a risk, because equally the price could go up, but when you’re happy with it and you don’t think you’re going to get a better price, book it.

Low Cost Airlines

Probably the most obvious way to save money on a flight is to book with a low cost airline, but do beware of the little extras they put on, such as baggage, online check-in fee etc. I’d recommend running a booking to the last screen to see the final price before you commit to anything.

As you can see, that bargain flight is possible, but it takes a little thinking outside the box to grab the best deals.

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