Best Tips on How to Speed through The Airport

Although, to many, travelling was a joy it is now somewhat of a nightmare, the airport security portion anyway. Unless by some miraculous event, you happen to be going through a clear airport, one devoid of any other passengers, airport rules complete with the aviation security measures can be a real headache. What with lists of what you can and cannot carry on, plus a queue for handing in luggage, yet other queues for getting through personal security check points, you possibly take longer getting on the plane than you do actually flying in it. We are told that all these are necessary for our own safety and whether you believe that or not, you still have to comply if you want to fly.

Best Tips on how to Speed through the Airport

In an attempt to try and make this annoying and tedious business a little easier, the Transport Security Agency (TSA) has made available an app for iPods and Androids. This app won’t actually assist you at the check points but it will advise you in advance of what to expect and inform you of any substances that may be illegal to carry in your baggage. It is also supposed to advice you of the lengths at certain airport security lines and although that will not exactly help you as you can’t change your flight plans, at least it may advice you of what to expect.

Although I will give here advice on how to, hopefully, speed your way through the airport checks, there are no guarantees as there always seems to be one person who is completely unprepared for any type of security check and if you are unlucky enough to be just behind them in the line, you too, are delayed.

That having been said, here are the best tips on how to speed through the airport.


Knowing what is expected of you at the security checks will save you time in reading or learning the process whilst trying to actually pass through it. Whether via the TSA app or otherwise, before arriving at the airport, be aware of what the requirements are.


Arrive at the airport early. This might sound like I am advising you to save time at the airport by spending more time at the airport, and I am. Instead of having the extra cup of coffee before leaving the house, have it in the comfort of the departure lounge having already passed all the security check points. There always seems to be longer queues at the check points just prior to flight departures, so don’t leave it till the last minute.


Spend a few seconds watching the security lines as it isn’t always the shortest that is the quickest.

At the Check Point

Have any liquids required, already in zip lock bags. Have jewellery, wallets and coins in your jacket pockets to save scrapping in the plastic trays. Ensure that your carry-on luggage wasn’t over packed thereby hard to re-close. Wear slip on shoes and always be polite, they are only doing their jobs.