Madrid’s excitements will captivate you

Madrid, Spain is a lively city full of excitement. It is known as a city that never sleeps. Any traveler, who enjoys dancing, discos, exquisite bars and restaurants, and relishes monuments and cultural sites of great beauty, should visit Madrid.  Spanish people regularly enjoy festivities at night. Tourists usually adapt readily to this pleasant change in lifestyle and appreciate participating in Madrid’s bustling nightlife. Madrid vacation packages often include nightlife possibilities.

Most commerce in Madrid accommodates the active nightlife pattern of activity. A good example of this is seen in the daily “siesta” which generally takes place between 2 to 5 p.m. The majority of shops are closed during this time of day.

As the evening begins in Madrid with the re-opening of the shops, the city’s non-stop activity commences, offering many possibilities for having a good time and truly enjoying oneself throughout the night.

The fascinating Spanish Capital of Madrid also provides many daytime touristic attractions. Located in this city is the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which contributes to the reason why Madrid is known as the most touristic city in Spain. Inside Madrid there are renowned monuments and places of interest worth visiting such as the Royal Palace of Madrid. This Palace is the largest palace in Western Europe and is composed of 2800 rooms.  Another remarkably well- preserved monument is the Temple of Debod — an ancient Egyptian temple which has been rebuilt in Madrid. The beautiful and uniquely original Temple of Debod especially reveals its beauty at night when it is brightly illuminated.  It is situated near the Royal Palace which makes it easily accessible. There are various art museums open for visits in Madrid where rare and exquisite paintings are displayed from many well-known Spanish artists.

Many other spectacular places exist in Madrid which are open for visits such as the well-kept Cathedral San Nicolás de los Servitas, the oldest one. The bell tower of this Cathedral was constructed in 1085, after the re-conquest of Madrid, and is known to have been crafted by Moorish workers. To facilitate your trip and visits, there is car rental in Madrid, with prices ranging from $110 to $250 for three days use during the vacation periods.  On this note, flights to Madrid can end up being cheaper than expected.  For instance, a cheap ticket to Madrid could be bought at the price of $190 during the high season for a flight from London to Madrid.

Lodging accommodations are abundant inside the city providing lively and unique atmospheres. Cheap hotels in Madrid Spain are quite attractive in price such as the Hostal A. Nibrija with rooms for $48. More luxurious hotels are also available such as the Hotel Opera and Emperado Hotel. There is also the possibility of renting apartments for a budget price.

Whatever your age may be, if you are a person full of energy and passion, you will no doubt fall in love with Madrid. Spanish is an easy language to learn, and anyone can, in a few days, master the basics. The Spanish are known to be a caring and friendly people, and they will without a doubt, make any effort you put forth more than worthwhile. In addition, vacation time is sometimes a time of unique surprises and encounters which can lead the way to perfect communication without the use of words!

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