One Day Tour To Alicante : (Step By Step Visit ) 2020

If you are looking for the best tours and day trips, Alicante offers you a great choice to choose from. The province is located to the south east of the Spanish coast which is south of Valencia province and north of Murcia province.  Alicante natives refer to that coastal region as Costa Blanca. Those who have ever been there will attest to the fact that Alicante city has it all. From the long fine sandy beaches to the world class hotels and the vibrant historic sections, your entire one day experience tour will be worthwhile.

Most appealing things in Alicante


a)      Beaches

Alicante is blessed with many other things amongst them being the amazing climate which makes it perfect for a day visit to the soft sandy Postiguet beach. According to estimations, in a year, Alicante receives a total of 2,800 hours of pure sunshine. Add to the fact that the coastline is spread over 218km and you get a perfect destination to spend your one day tour.

b)      Historic sections
The city is filled with many historic sections such as museums, churches and monuments which can help you learn more about the city if you wish to go down the history lane. The Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina (MUBAG) is one of the best museums to visit in Alicante. The MUBAG is one of the finest fine arts museums in Alicante with canvases from the early Middle Ages to the 1920s.

c)       Hotels and accommodation
The city that is known for having rather busy night life has many recreational centers and hotels with accommodation if you’d wish to spend a night in Spain. A Cheap hotel in Alicante can be found in an instant due to their availability. One of the best hotels to visit while in Alicante is the Hospes Amergo which is located in Casco Antiguo-Santa Cruz five minutes away from Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art. The hotel offers a panoramic city view, a poolside bar, 5-star rooms among other world class facilities.

d)      The Castle of Santa Barbara  
To make your one day tour to Alicante worthwhile, you have to pay a visit to this castle as it is the crowning glory of the city. The Castle Santa Barbara is one of the medieval fortresses in Spain. Take your time to drive or walk to the top of the castle while enjoying the stunning view of the city and its tranquility.
Things to do in Alicante
For a day tour, you can choose to get to know more about the city and decide walk your way around the city. For starters, you can park at the marina car park and take a walk around the city while discovering some of the cities beauties such as the old quarter, the Nativity and the Hogueres Museum. The latter two are all free.

Besides touring the city, you can decide to watch one of Alicante’s Hercules home games if you are passionate about football.

How to get to Alicante?
The nearest airports to Alicante are El Altet, Valencia and Murcia. Take Cheap flights to Alicante by choosing one of these companies to fly you in; Easyjet, Iberia or Ryainair.

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