One Day Tour in Spain : Step By Step

Tarragona is a superb port city situated in north-eastern Spain. Being a seaside city, it has evolved into a renowned tourist destination that welcomes its guests with historical site and architecture, modern surroundings and traditional cuisine and culture.

Among the must see tourist attractions the Cathedral of Saint Mary is without a doubt the most impressive construction. This cathedral is actually a Roman-Catholic church that was constructed on the site of a former Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter in 1171 by Bishop Hug de Cervello of Tarragona. In 1905, the Cathedral of Tarragona was declared a national monument.

Tarragona Amphitheatre
Tarragona Amphitheatre

Another amazing historical site is the Tarragona Amphitheatre. It is a Roman amphitheater build in the 2nd century AD, and its dimensions for that period are simply breathtaking: 130 x 102 m and a capacity of 15,000.tarragona51143611_ba659e6769_o

The town has a wide variety of plazas, tapas bars and coffee shops. In fact, one of the most famous streets in Tarragona, the Rambla Nova is a 700 meters long avenue famous for the markets, shops and terraces. It also represents a symbol, as it divides the city into the old town and the new and more modern city.

For tourists looking to get into Tarragona, it is important to know that the local train station is a part of the train line that connects Alicante and Barcelona, so trains such as ‘Alaris’, ‘Euromed’, ‘Estrella’ and ‘Talge’ stop there frequently. From Barcelona the average train ride is around 90 minutes, and every 30 minutes, a train stops in Tarragona. Once in Tarragona, tourists may take different buses that run throughout the day at regular hours, or they may even take a taxi. The closest bus station from Rambla Nova is just 2 minutes away, walking.

Also, the Reus airport is located just 10 km away from Tarragona and tourists from all over Europe may take charter flight or the Ryanair Company.

For those wanting to experience a true tourist sensation, coming by car is the way to do it.

In the end, trains are actually the best solution for every tourist as they are cheap (around 7 euros), reliable and extremely convenient. From the train station to the famous Rambla Nova Avenue it’s a short, 15 minutes, walk. In just 5 minutes, by taking the taxi, you can be anywhere in the city.

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