Austria: A Great Place to Learn to Ski

While it may seem a little daunting, with all that heavy and awkward equipment, such as skis, goggles, boots and warm clothing, skiing can actually be a lot easier to learn than you might think. Austria is a popular ski holiday destination for skiers of all ages and abilities since the early 20th century, and it’s also a great place for beginners to learn to ski, as it has some of the most beautiful scenery and best conditions in Europe.

Austria Ski

The weather in Austria is not as cruel as the weather in North America, where sub-zero temperatures, high winds are the blight of every skier. In the alps, the daytime temperature usually averages around 20 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, which makes skiing at any time of year, even January very pleasant, especially as any strong winds don’t tend to last very long in the alps, and they can even help the snowfall.

The snow in Austria is one aspect of a ski holiday that is always guaranteed, and the Austrian Alps are home to some of the best snow seasons in the world, with powdery snow a common sight on the slopes, even until spring. In Austria, they have the Austria Ski Resort Report, which can be accessed online, and gives users the latest snow conditions at some of the best slopes in the country.

When it comes to learning to ski, or just brushing up on existing abilities, Austria’s ski-schools are world-renowned for their versatile and friendly instructors, in fact, many Austrian ski resorts have runs that suit every skier, so pupils can take to the slopes at their own pace. If you’re worried about safety, Austria’s ski resorts always have orientation maps at the lift stations, mid-run markers on all slopes above timberline, and safety nets and danger signs, so that skiers are always well aware of where they should and shouldn’t go.

Ski holidays in Austria are a great way to experience skiing in Europe, and with some of the best conditions, instructors and slopes in the world available, Austria is not only a fantastic place to ski, but also a very beautiful country to visit.

Budapest: Welcome To A City Where You Will Want To Stay

Budapest – Hungary is one of those cities that promise its visitors everything needed for a perfect vacation, and then actually keeps that promise!  Budapest travel gives you more in the end than what you expected.  Known to be among the most beautiful capitals in Europe, it has been thoroughly certified by Forbes, a well-known American Media company, that Budapest ranks  7th for the most idyllic places to live in Europe.

There are several grandiose sights in Budapest which are of worldwide fame. The Buda Castle is one of them; this prominent hill castle provides a great tour with historical meaning evident in each room.  Equally impressive, the Parliament building of Budapest, makes another fascinating visit and is the largest parliament in all of Europe with over 18 000 m². It features artifacts from the Royal Family as well as magnificent stained glass and glass mosaic paintings done by famous artists. The parliament can be seen from the Danube Promenade, one more splendid walking visit to take in this city. This promenade unveils many points of interest that will enchant the hearts of all those who love romantic walks and who can appreciate the remarkable sights to be seen at the same time. Another romantic stroll can be taken in the City Park, where there can be seen exquisite trees dating from as early as 1750 surrounded by intricate passageways and lovely scenery, which captivate many visitors. A spectacular monument not to miss is the Heroes’ Square which is located nearby, and displays the symbols for War and Peace, Work and Welfare, and Glory and Honor.

Churches are important in the Hungarian culture; a good example of these impressive constructions is the St. Stephen’s Basilica whose grandeur rivals that of the parliament of Budapest. Hotels in Budapest are very accessible and the city itself provides many possibilities for transportation such as trams, trolleybuses and metro lines which combined make Budapest an easy place to visit. For those who enjoy travel by automobiles, car rental in Budapest is also available.

Cheap hotels in Budapest are abundant but some are surprisingly original and cheap at the same time. The best example is the Botel Fortuna which is a boat hotel offering not only a fabulous romantic atmosphere, but also rates starting from as low as $48. For more luxurious lodgings the Four Seasons Hotel offers mesmerizing nights in delightful accommodations where prices start at $350.

Needless to say, Budapest is a relaxing destination for all travelers who wish to experience calmness and this is rarely surpassed in other locations.  Spas are a perfect representation of this with their soothing qualities greatly appreciated by vacationers. Budapest possesses the greatest underground thermal passageway in the world and one of the largest bathing compounds in Europe called the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath. It also has the advantage of being easily attainable by metro on the yellow M1 line. After an invigorating spa, nothing can be more rewarding that to return to one of Budapest hotels for a restful night. Separately, if each one of the attractions of this city does not seem to be enough, put together they make an unbeatable combination, of not only a wonderful city to visit, but also an extraordinary place to live.

Prague: A City Filled With History, Mystery, and Beauty

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is a city of much importance in the history of Europe. It once was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, and played an important role in two world wars. This city possesses distinct and exclusive tourist attractions which are definitely of great value to the European culture. Don’t worry about where to stay in Prague, but rather ponder when you should undertake such an extraordinary trip.

The style emitted by this city is unique, and everywhere the traveler goes he will find exciting places to visit. Certainly the most noticeable example is the Prague Castle which is considered to be the largest castle on earth with an area of about 70000 m². It is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and every hour one can see the majestic Change of Guard at the Castle gates. A nearby location is the Old Town where many well- preserved buildings and Churches can be enjoyed.  Inside the Old Town stands a beautiful square with numerous monuments such as the world- famous Astronomical Clock. Further along the square is located the Charles Bridge which crosses the Vltava river and connects with the Prague Castle. This makes for a perfect promenade that will surely thrill any visitor as he breathes in the resplendence of this ancient and glorious epoch.  The Old Town contains the Old New Synagogue which was one of the first gothic structures in Prague.

Although there are many captivating older monuments in Prague, there are also exceptional modern sights to see. The Lennon Wall is one manifestations of this modern art. It use to be just another wall but since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon enthused graffiti, along with lyrics from the Beatles. Those looking for another spectacular attraction Prague has to offer can visit the Dancing House — a nickname given to an unusual building in the downtown section of Prague. On the roof of this building there is a leading French restaurant, which gives an added incentive for visiting this very uniquely constructed building. The love of art is something engraved upon the hearts of residents of Prague. Museums such as the National Museum of Prague are a formidable part of their culture, and the exhibits one can see in this gigantic building are truly magnificent.

Possibly the easiest way around this city is by car, and Prague car rentals are easier than most travelers would anticipate. Prices range from $26 to $20 depending on the rental length.

There are many luxury hotels in Prague each ensuring a distinguished place to rest. Ceaser Palace Prague is one of these hotels which is located close to the Prague Castle where exclusive rooms are offered beginning at $300. Budget hotels are generally found on the outskirts of town, though exceptions do exist like the Lessertown Hotel which is close to the center. Their rates start at $75.

People who have visited Prague will often relate how this city brought them many pleasant surprises from the start of their visit until the very end. It is a majestic and noble place to visit at least once in a lifetime. They are few cities capable of proposing such striking attractions as Prague does because of the key role it has continually played throughout history.

Bucharest A Dynamic Evolving City Surrounded By Intrigue

Bucharest, Romania is a city with many recent changes. Jumping in population from 282,000 in the 1900’s to over 2,000,000, it currently abounds with culturally enlightening characteristics. Travelers apprehensive about the climate are needlessly so, since Romania actually has moderate temperatures. During spring, the climate is comfortably warm, with just enough freshness to be agreeable.  Summers are warm without being overly hot, making car hire in Bucharest a pleasant way to tour the city.

The city of Bucharest is a prospering one, and the cultural scene is diverse and growing.  Visual art is very accessible and include many fascinating classic and contemporary Romanian art pieces.  A good place to view these is in the well-established National Museum of Art of Romania. An attractive element in Bucharest is the strong emphasis put on music — the Romanian Athenaeum is one of the most noticeable buildings and it accommodates many outstanding classical music concerts. Classical music is not the only music style which exists in Bucharest. Many Romanians hold a great love for the electric music scene and some electric bands have obtained national, as well as international, fame. Other types of music can also be enjoyed amid the animated nightlife that Bucharest proposes and this can be found in the central district of the city as well as in the historical center.

Some of the most visited sites are Lăptăria Enache and La Motoare which are both situated on the rooftop of the National Theatre in Bucharest. Cultural events and festivals are abundant all year round, although the most thriving period is during the summer.  One famous occasion is the Opera Festival which occurs in May and June at the National Opera.

Certain enchanting medieval architecture structures still exist in Bucharest, although several were burned and destroyed during the Communist systematization. The ones remaining can be found in the Lipscani district which was the greatest commercial center of Bucharest in the middle ages. Not far from this district is the old Princely Court constructed by Vlad III, the Impaler, also known as Dracula. This street is renown in Bucharest and remains a charming place to visit. Close to the old Court is yet another interesting place to visit — the Manuc’s Inn. It is the oldest operating hotel building in Bucharest and hosts a popular restaurant, a number of bars, and a coffee-house. Bucharest holidays hold many traveling possibilities. During winter there are Ski resorts that ensure great vacations to all those in search of fun in the snow. Summer travel agencies propose various packages that will guarantee a pleasant retreat. Flights to Bucharest from New York can be found as low priced as $550 for a two- week trip throughout the month of June.

Hotels in Bucharest Romania are countless and provide many different options. If you desire to stay at a budget-priced hotel, there are accommodations such as the Hostel Miramont which is located at only a 5-minute walk from Piata Unirii, the largest square in Bucharest. Prices here range from $17 to $39. For a more deluxe stay there is the 5- star Carol Parc Hotel with rates running from $220 up to $1,100.

The touristic city of Bucharest offers and delivers a perfect vacation opportunity for travelers who wish to visit an important and interesting Eastern European Capital and who will surely leave holding many memorable moments in their hands – valued memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Madrid’s excitements will captivate you

Madrid, Spain is a lively city full of excitement. It is known as a city that never sleeps. Any traveler, who enjoys dancing, discos, exquisite bars and restaurants, and relishes monuments and cultural sites of great beauty, should visit Madrid.  Spanish people regularly enjoy festivities at night. Tourists usually adapt readily to this pleasant change in lifestyle and appreciate participating in Madrid’s bustling nightlife. Madrid vacation packages often include nightlife possibilities.

Most commerce in Madrid accommodates the active nightlife pattern of activity. A good example of this is seen in the daily “siesta” which generally takes place between 2 to 5 p.m. The majority of shops are closed during this time of day.

As the evening begins in Madrid with the re-opening of the shops, the city’s non-stop activity commences, offering many possibilities for having a good time and truly enjoying oneself throughout the night.

The fascinating Spanish Capital of Madrid also provides many daytime touristic attractions. Located in this city is the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which contributes to the reason why Madrid is known as the most touristic city in Spain. Inside Madrid there are renowned monuments and places of interest worth visiting such as the Royal Palace of Madrid. This Palace is the largest palace in Western Europe and is composed of 2800 rooms.  Another remarkably well- preserved monument is the Temple of Debod — an ancient Egyptian temple which has been rebuilt in Madrid. The beautiful and uniquely original Temple of Debod especially reveals its beauty at night when it is brightly illuminated.  It is situated near the Royal Palace which makes it easily accessible. There are various art museums open for visits in Madrid where rare and exquisite paintings are displayed from many well-known Spanish artists.

Many other spectacular places exist in Madrid which are open for visits such as the well-kept Cathedral San Nicolás de los Servitas, the oldest one. The bell tower of this Cathedral was constructed in 1085, after the re-conquest of Madrid, and is known to have been crafted by Moorish workers. To facilitate your trip and visits, there is car rental in Madrid, with prices ranging from $110 to $250 for three days use during the vacation periods.  On this note, flights to Madrid can end up being cheaper than expected.  For instance, a cheap ticket to Madrid could be bought at the price of $190 during the high season for a flight from London to Madrid.

Lodging accommodations are abundant inside the city providing lively and unique atmospheres. Cheap hotels in Madrid Spain are quite attractive in price such as the Hostal A. Nibrija with rooms for $48. More luxurious hotels are also available such as the Hotel Opera and Emperado Hotel. There is also the possibility of renting apartments for a budget price.

Whatever your age may be, if you are a person full of energy and passion, you will no doubt fall in love with Madrid. Spanish is an easy language to learn, and anyone can, in a few days, master the basics. The Spanish are known to be a caring and friendly people, and they will without a doubt, make any effort you put forth more than worthwhile. In addition, vacation time is sometimes a time of unique surprises and encounters which can lead the way to perfect communication without the use of words!

Fish and chips to Big Ben in one day — only possible in London

London, UK is a dynamic yet culturally profound city. A metropolis where almost anything goes, the source of this energetic fervor is incrusted in its history. It was previously named Londinium by the Roman founders, and was deemed an imperial center for commercial affairs. Today it does not cling to old fashioned ways but is an extremely animated city with flights to London England every few minutes from around the world.

There are an abundant amount of touristic activities in London, four of which are listed in the World Heritage by the UNESCO. One listed activity is the Tower of London. This structure has very unique characteristics and is located near the bank of the river Thames. Next on the list are the world-famous Kew Gardens, which include 121 hectares of awesome and notorious plants, patiently awaiting the assured admiration of tourists who visit this incredibly beautiful destination.  The Palace of Westminster is another renowned attraction, as is Westminster Abbey, Greenwich and finally the astounding St. Margaret’s Church. All these historically embedded sites ensure peaceful and reflective moments of enjoyment.  These are just a few of the many notable sights in London.  An exceptionally romantic place is the London Eye — it is the highest Ferris wheel in Europe (also called the Millennium Wheel) —and is said to permeate tranquility and leave its spectators in utter amazement.

For a newer view on London there is the Piccadilly Circus, which is a famous road junction that connects Regent Street to the main shopping street.  Even the underground holds many mysteries– “the tube” as it is often called is the oldest underground railway in the world. Public transportation and the famous “red buses” provide easy trips around the city, but nothing beats a car during vacation. Cheap car rental London can be found at prices starting from $125 for a period of 3 days. Be aware of an essential detail if you are considering renting a car — the English drive on the left side of the road. This may seem an unimportant trivial to let slide by, but changes in driving habits can be dangerous (as many injured people can attest) so take care. Competitive prices can be found on many packages for visits to London from all around the world. Traveling to England by air is often very inexpensive and a lot of travel agencies frequently propose sales on flights to London.A lot of people visiting from outside also opt for the London show and hotel deals available.

Prestigious hotels in Londonare known around the world — the Claridges Hotel London and the Berkeley Hotel London both guarantee breathtaking nights in their grandiose rooms with rates starting at $500. Hotels in the city are generally costly but some budget ones can be found at prices around $65 such as the Ambassador Hotel South Kensington.

London has almost a limitless amount of sightseeing tours available every day. This makes it home to a myriad of travelers who hold in common one important desire – being able to participate in, and enjoy, an exceptional vacation in this remarkable city.  If you’re in search of just such satisfaction and hope to experience distinct and out-of-the-ordinary attractions, as well as being interested in taking sightseeing tours of significant historical value, then London is there for you to grasp.

Why Rome is an enchanting destination?

The beautiful city of Rome Italy is the third most visited tourist destination in the world. Each year it has from 7 to 10 million visitors. Although Italian is the main spoken language, due to the fact that so many tourists visit this intriguing city yearly (the number often doubles during the special Holy Year) getting around with English is no problem.

Tours of Rome are plentiful and all captivating due to their historical importance. The number of possible tourist destinations are impressive as there exist many museums, aqueducts, fountains, churches, palaces, numerous historical buildings and ruins of the Roman Forum, and the famous Catacombs. If they are two places that should not be missed, they are visits to the Colosseum and to the Vatican Museums. These two places hold strong human value and convey a peaceful beauty that makes them undeniably the major places to visit in Rome.

Rome’s proximity to the world-famous Vatican City makes this yet another preferable choice for travelers. It holds an enchanting environment that will certainly conquer the hearts of Christians and non-Christians alike. The art visible in this unique city is renowned all over the world. Many visitors are frequently held in awe by the captivating painting and sculpture exhibits which can be found here. The Sistine Chapel is a perfect example of a location where one can see some of the most famous frescos known throughout the world. This city is also surrounded by gardens of extreme beauty for a moment of calm and reflection.

There are also wonderful gardens in Rome itself, the most famous one being Villa Borghese. These exquisite gardens can transport you into a poetic world filled with majestic flowers all perfectly displayed in a stunning landscape. Art is also a major asset of this incredible city, and it is present everywhere to incite in the travelers’ thoughts a joyous appreciation of true art at its best.

Finding accommodations is a simple task in Rome. Budget hotels are quite cheap with prices ranging from $65 to $100. One of these hotels is the Caput Mundi, situated near the Termini train station. For a more luxurious hotel there is the Claridge Hotel Rome located in the financial center of Rome, Parioli, with prices ranging from $300 – $700.

Rome is an enchanting destination where the people are extremely friendly and helpful. They make one feel welcome right away and this warm and kindly reception to visitors makes this city a pleasant retreat for anyone. Those seeking to discover fascinating monuments and learn about past cultures will not be disappointed by visiting Rome. If you have previously hesitated to visit Rome, now the beauty and charm of this city will surely surpass any hesitation, as it has for the millions of enchanted visitors who walk its streets each year, many of whom have been happily conquered by two very well-known phrases ‘Benvenuti à Roma’ – ‘welcome to Rome’ and one used often a little nostalgically as their visit comes to a close, ‘Arrivederci Roma.’

Paris: a must-see top world destination

Paris, France. The words say it all. It has been the Meqqah of those in love, in search for love and those who wish to recover from it. Paris is the capital of France, a country situated in the West of Europe and lays in the heart of country’s north. It is linked to all major EU cities by roads, railways and air.

The first thought of Paris nourishes the images of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Mona Lisa, Seine river, Champs-Elysees, Moulin Rouge, Coco Channel, and last but not the least, great food, especially cheese, and wine tasting.

The rich history of modern Paris started in the time of Roman invasion in 1st century BC. From a small village it has grown into a town of kings, poets, painters, fashionists, and into a cultural, artistic, and administrative centre altogether. Paris is also a city of museums, galleries, churches, palaces, gardens, parks and squares, shops and markets, and a gourmet centre.

Tours of Paris should involve different types of tours. A city such as this has beauty to be seen in every hour of the day, so consider making a day and a night tour. You can also organize your tours by city areas. Top places that any culture lover should see are Notre Dame Cathedral, Palais de Justice, Picasso Museum, Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, Maison of Victor Hugo, Fontain de Innocents, Forum des Halles, Pompidou Centre, Catacombs in Montparnasse, Moulin Rouge, Pantheon, Jardin des Plantes and of course the Eiffel Tower. The best way to avoid lines is to book your Eiffel Tower tickets in advance, so you can go and enjoy the sights, stress-free. The gardens, the avenue and the palace of Champs-Elysees are some of the most memorable destinations in Paris. Don’t miss the dinner and lunch cruises and the spectacular view of the Paris from the river Seine. Depending on the vehicle of your choice, you can make an extra mile and visit the nearby Versailles, Giverny, Auvers, Lourdes, Disneyland, Cote d’Azur, Normandy, etc. You can take a car, bus or a bike. Paris metro will take you anywhere in the city. And there is also RER, the fast train rail, at your disposal. French cuisine is definitely on the “to do” list.

With its warm summer temperatures, rarely freezing cold winters, and pleasant spring and autumn temperatures in between, Paris is open to visitors all year long. Every area of the city has its own hotels, for those with deeper pockets and those who hesitate when taking out their credit card. There is much to be found: if you’re fond of simplicity, or like to stay close to all the idea of exploring rest of the country, perhaps you’d like a hotel near the two major airports or the six main train stations. Getting there, with a proper amount of money, should not present a problem. When choosing hotel, it’s always worth asking for a discount. Check with French embassy if you need a visa, depending on the longevity of your stay.

There is vast variety of hotels in Paris, depending on your preferred activity. Near the Basilique du Sacre Coeur you can find a multitude of low budget hotels, such as Pavillon Opera Lafayette. If you prefer luxury accommodation that spoils your senses, Claridge Hotel Paris, four star hotel situated in Champs Elysees, is the perfect choice for you.

With its all present beauty and magnificence, cultural and art history, Paris remains a must-see top world destination. Take a walk down the florid streets of Paris, spend some time “alone”, seat yourself in the corner street café, and explore the reality of and old yet modern city. Feed your senses, your body, your mind and your soul. Journey the extravagance, sensations, and emotions, freedom of spirit, food and wine. You deserve it.

Get Mesmerize in the beauty of Venice

It had been long due that I had been asking my husband to take me for a holiday .What I was actually looking for was a sort of a second honeymoon , where I could relive those moments of love and affection which I had shared with my partner long back. It was one day finally that he did grant me this wish, and that too in the very best of the way possible .The very next day – we were both flying to the epicentre of love in the entire world – Venice.

The very thought of such a place drew those images of elegant canals and picturesque gondola rides in my mind. As I wanted to fulfil this desire of mine, my hubby took me directly to the Canalazzo, immediately after touchdown

and practically divides the city into two parts. Surrounded by the elegant backdrops of the palazzo, Canalazzo truly the centre of activity in Venice and dries you into that fit of comfort and love.

Being a history freak, I was also hoping to taste a bit of European history, being in Venice. Our tour guide headed us straight to the heart of the city, where the St Mark’s Square is located. We also saw the burial site of the veteran Venetian sculptor – Antonio Canova. This was a gothic style church, built way back in the 14th century and is called as Basilica dei Frari.The La Fenice Theatre which we visited next was perhaps the greatest theatre I had come across in my life. What it would feel like for an artist performing on such a stage back the!!It was really interesting to know the roots of the word “ghetto”, seeing the Jewish ghetto. This ghetto is a home to five synagogues and is a lively historical hub in Venice.

The best thing about Venice which left me more than impressed about this mesmerising city of beauty was that unlike any other city in their world, there are no long traffic hold ups or jams. This is because the basic mode off commuting in Venice is either by foot or by boats .A very handy item to be carried and used in Venice, as we found out, was the Venice card. This card is a special card which provides handsome discounts at restaurants, food joints and bars, as well as free passes to a lot of historical attractions and museums. This was what we did when we heard about the Venice Card from our guide and it surely came in very handy.

If you are a fan of architectural excellence, you have got to come to the Rialto in this beautiful city. We were told by our guide that the Rialto was the first ever bridge built over the Great Canal and is a very busy place .Head there in the evening and you shall find it to be the liveliest place in Venice.

Our second honeymoon in Venice surely went way beyond my expectations and I am sure that this city of beauty and love is meant for every couple out there!