The Best Kept Secret Coffee Shops Around The World

Coffee is always a good Idea. In recent years the popularity of cafés and coffee shops has reached new heights, particularly for those of a more artisanal, hand-roasted coffee beans variety.

If you are a coffeeholic you probably frequent the “coffee near me” blogs on a frequent basis, but I bet even you will be taken aback by some of these must see coffee shops from around the world.

1. Truth Coffee Roastery- Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, South Africa

1.Truth Coffee Roastery - Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, South Africa
Truth Coffee Roastery

Cape Town, South Africa, is quickly becoming synonymous with the best coffee in the world. Not surprising due to the fact that it is the home of Truth Coffee Roastery, a steampunk-inspired artisanal cafe that the Telegraph (UK) described as the “Best Coffee Shop in the World” in 2015. Even Truth Coffee’s baristas are adorned in steam-punk inspired garb in this converted warehouse that is filled with metal piping, quirky old machinery and a huge one-of-a-kind coffee dispenser in the center of Cape Town City. And the coffee really is the best you’ll ever taste.

2. The Grounds, Alexandria, Australia


The Grounds is set in a rustic backdrop of an old pie factory and warehouse in Alexandria and is possibly one of the most gorgeously eclectic shops out there. You can enjoy the rich aromas from a cup of Joe sourced from coffee capitals around the world including Ethiopia, Brazil, and Columbia and enjoy a hearty meal made from produce grown in the terrace garden. The location even has its own research and testing facility next to the cafe where they come up with their perfect brews.

3. The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong

Coffee Academics, Hong Kon
The Coffee Academics

These guys are all about the art and science of coffee. Ranked the number 1 coffee shop in Hong Kong and 3rd in the world by Coffee Review, Coffee Academics offers the perfect brew with precisely measured streams and newly ground coffee from a glass-blown Chemex. Try something a bit different and give their agave nectar and black pepper specialty brew a try (one may not be enough, it’s delicious!).

4. The Vintage Emporium, London

Vintage Emporium, London
The Vintage Emporium

Talk about a best-kept-secret, this Victorian style café come antique boutique will transport you through time. Find this little beauty near Brick Lane and spend your stolen hours or take your laptop to catch up on your work while surrounded by antiques and record players. And don’t forget to grab a soul-warming cup of java!

5. Ritual Coffee Roasters, San Francisco, CA

Ritual Coffee Roasters, San Francisco, CA
Ritual Coffee Roasters

Operating out of a small shipping container in Octavia Street, Ritual Coffee Roasters offers San Francisco’s Mission District some of the most incredible Java sourced from local farmers and roasted by Ritual Coffee themselves. Ritual Coffee is dedicated to crafting the very best coffee around by using their own process to roast and blend the right brew, by being dedicated to perfection and multiple testing of every blend.