The Best Kept Secrets Of Europe For You To Explore This Summer

If you’re tired of visiting the same old jaunts, simply want to go away from the tourist hubs or want a unique story to tell at a local bar, then you’ve probably come to the realization that visiting the popular spots in Europe is not ideal in 2020. Yet, once you’ve come to this realization, then a new question probably popped into your head and that question was, “Where do I go that is not only low-key on the tourist radar but unique and sure to keep people asking me a gazillion questions while at happy hour?” Thankfully for you, we have scoured the maps, traipsed the web and put on our collective thinking caps to give you a rundown of the best keep secrets in Europe for the 2018 summer season and beyond.

Comporta in Portugal is the number one pick on the list, because what more do you need than glorious white sand, endless views, oh and did we mention there is dolphin watching. One of your bucket list items while you are there will be to grab your favorite beverage of choice and head on down to the fire pits on the beach, trust me you’re going to want to Instagram this.

Croatia has basically been exposed for the magnificent views and surrounds it offers, but there are still a few less well known towns, one such example is Isitria. Isitria has a bunch of towns based around the coast that look as if they’ve been transported straight out of a fairytale or a period drama, depending on your preference. Your holiday here will be a foodie’s paradise with prizes such as white truffles and award-winning wines to complement your meals; however if the refined elegance of restaurants bores you then there are other things on offer too. Why not head out to some of the legendary music festivals such as Outlook, one of the largest in Europe and the place to be this summer.

Otherwise, if you’re into having a cultural experience and less of an endless food affair then head on to Krakow in Poland, the city has been host to a troubling past, think Nazi’s and Jewish ghettoes. However, today the suburb of Kazimeriz has endless Kosher restaurants, clubs and bars galore, oh and grafitti that looks as if it belongs in a modern art museum. Possibly one of the best aspects is that Poland really is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Europe.

If you’re looking for more of an active holiday than a cultural fest, why not head out to Salzkammergut in Austria. Now, this is the spot to go for camping, hiking, water skiing, general silliness in and around nature. If you need any more proof, simply look at the amount of holiday homes in and around the area owned by the locals. While you are here be sure to head out to the UNESCO site Hallstatt, the site has the Dachstein Salzkammergut and all of its caves, as well as the salt mine that is the oldest in the whole world.