Explorer the Real Places to Visit in Summer (2020)

Italy, Spain, Maldives, Bahamas and all those places with sun shinning and clear blue skies are probably on our list for places to visit in summer. But when it comes to choosing a destination and planning the actual trip, we know what we end up with; the backyard pool or the neighborhood park.  To avoid something similar, we list top 10 best places to visit in summer with family and friends.

We’ve tried our best to keep things simple for you. For each destination, we’ve listed some travel tips categorizing them as where to stay, where to eat and drink, what to buy and few cultural tips for each place for you to gel in easily.

10.  Rwanda – Nyungwe National Theme Forest Park

Nyungwe National Theme Forest Park
Nyungwe National Theme Forest Park

Yes, we’ve heard all the stories about Rwanda and the bloodshed that has taken place over the decades. But when it comes to Nyungwe National Park, all those stories shatter away.

Travel tips: The ideal time to visit Nyungwe National Park is between July and October when you can enjoy hiking, trekking & tour tea plantation.

Where to stay:  There are a couple of decent places you can camp at. Either you can chose to stay at Nyungwe’s Forest lodge, which is adjacent to Natioanl Park, or you can stay at Top View Hill hotel if you can’t stay away from luxury.

Where to eat and drink: There’s a cultural village nearby the park named Kitabi, which offers superb hospitality and dinning facilities.

What to buy: Some local specialties include wooden carvings, baskets and hand-made bracelets.

Cultural tips: If you wish to be accepted in Rwanda, all you need to do is keep the environment clean.

9. Australian Northern Territory

Australian Northern Territory
Australian Northern Territory

Insanely wild destination for all those who wish to spend their summers on partial rust partial red colored rocks, with crystal clear blue skies and golden-eyed crocs.

Travel tips: Best time to visit Northern Territory of Australia is between May and July of 2014.

Where to stay: Typical accommodation here comprises of safari type lodges at Bamurru Plains.

What to eat and drink: Most popular food items for this region include everything on the fresh seafood items.

What to buy: Though there aren’t any proper shops to buy stuff at but there are non-profit stations where you can buy turtle printed silk & traditional didgeridoos.

Cultural tips: It is advised to use a tour guide since there are many Indigenous  Protected Areas where you cant’ enter with a visa.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

A perfect place for tropic lovers. Partially semi-tropic round the year, New Orleans comes in at number 8 on our list of top 10 best places to visit in summer 2014.

Travel tips: Ideal time to visit is during July and august.

Where to stay: There’s a bundle of choices to stay at offered by multiple guest houses, suites and lodges. Few of them typically located away from the city area.

Where to eat and drink: One quick recommendation on dinning in New Orleans is to make reservation wherever you’re about to go.

What to buy: Shopping here is a bit more on the spiritual track. Famous items to buy include tarot readings and cards along with other voodoo stuff.

Cultural tips: If you’re really planning to visit New Orleans, do visit the efforts carried to re-build victims of Hurricane Katrina.

7. Puglia – Italy

Puglia – Italy
Puglia – Italy

Probably the ideal most location for a summer trip with family. Several towns located next to sea side and the white sandy beaches gives a perfect stage for kids to enjoy the sand.

Travel tips: The ideal time is to visit during the later summer season that makes it between October to November.

Where to stay: Lodging can never be a problem in Puglia, Italy. There are several hotels and resorts along the sea belt line among which, few are 5 star hotels.

What to eat and drink: Since the location is alongside the sea belt, 2 items top on the dining menu. One being the seafood and the other being the famous Italian pizzas.

What to buy: Cartapesta is one of their most traditional items to take along as a souvenir.

6. Cordoba – Argentina

Cordoba – Argentina
Cordoba – Argentina

Historical structures from the 17th century majestically spread through the entire vicinity of Argentina and specially Cordoba.

Travel tips: Somewhere between March and May are the ideal times to visit Cordoba, Argentina.

Where to stay: The best place to stay in Cordoba (if you have budgets) is El Colibri Estancia de Charme.

What to eat and drink: Steaks are pretty much popular in almost dinning places in Cordoba.

What to buy: Traditional items include paintings, jewelry, ceramics and other handy crafts which are usually up for sale by local stalls being setup on weekends.

5. Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde
Cabo Verde

Probably the perfect summer trip destination for newly weds. The amazing beach setting with clear blue skies and chilled water makes Cabo Verde a must visit destination in the summers.

Travel tips: Though you can visit Cabo Verde any time during the year, but ideal time to be there is during August to October.

Where to stay: A 5 star hotel is not to be expected here, yet there are many cottages that can be much hospitable for your visit.

What to eat and drink: Since you are visiting a beach, expect a lot of sea food being a major menu items for most of the dine out places.

What to buy: Local handy crafts made up of seashells and other ornaments are definitely to look out for.

4.  The Ranthambore National Park in India

 The Ranthambore National Park in India
The Ranthambore National Park in India

India has been a major attraction for tourists all over the world. The Ranthambore National Park is a perfect choice to spend your summer vacations at.

Travel tips: Famous for Rajistani tigers, the best time to visit the National Park is between June to October.

Where to stay: There are multiple luxury hotels as well as budget camps to stay in near the Ranthambore National Park.

What to eat and drink: Rajistan is known for it’s taste in food. Generally the menu is spiced up but you can try something with local dumplings and nuts.

What to buy: A place rich in their culture, there’s a lot to look out for shopping once you reach Rajistan.

3. Bolaven Plateu – Laos

Bolaven Plateu – Laos
Bolaven Plateu – Laos

It’s time you think of heading to Southeast Asia this summer. Bolaven Plateu based in Laos is the best Asian destination to visit this summer.

Travel tips: The rainy season typically stays around July to October and it is best that one plans their trip before or after these times.

Where to stay: Though there are many places to stay including hotels and lodges, but the best place to reserve your bookings is at Sinouk Coffee Resort.

What to eat and drink: Laos mostly offers Thai cuisines including soups and salads.

What to buy: This destination too is mostly known for handicrafts and such souvenirs.

2. Liechtenstien


Probably most of us might not have heard of this place but it definitely is a must visit destination.

Travel tips: The perfect time to be at Liechtenstien is between May to October. Don’t forget to pack your hiking & biking shoes.

Where to stay: Beautiful hotels and rest houses are easily available at affordable rates throughout the place.

What to eat and drink: Mostly seasonal dishes are served which are recommended to try out including seafood, vegetables and fruit made dishes.

What to buy: The best unique items to buy or collect here include post stamps.

1. Nahanni National Park – Canada

Nahanni National Park – Canada
Nahanni National Park – Canada

The reason Nahanni National Park is on top of our list is because once you visit it, you come back as a totally different person.

Travel tips: though this is a destination you’d want to visit any time during the year. But we recommend you plan your trip between June to September.

Where to stay: The most popular place among tourists here is the Virginia Falls Campground. We suggest you reserve your bookings well before your arrival.

What to eat and drink: The only drop scene for this destination is there are not restaurants or dinning places. You have to arrange your own meals.

What to buy: Since there aren’t any restaurants or dinning places, so aren’t any shopping centers. Probably that’s what attracts most of the tourist to be at a place that is so minimal human activity.                

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