The best ways to travel through South America

ithout a doubt, South America is one of the most phenomenal parts of the world. This is a continent that is rife with natural beauty as well as cultural insight at every twist and turn, no matter where you happen to be at any given time within that continent. South America is a truly kaleidoscopic part of the world, in that there is something new and special at every turn. If it seems that every place in South America has something fresh and unique to offer, that is because it does. In South America, you can see every possible natural occurrence, from waterfalls and rainforest, to towering mountainscapes and stunning coastlines.

It goes without saying that there are almost too many different destinations in South America to fully grasp it without having actively travelled there for yourself. It is one thing to do your research, but it is quite another to actually experience it for yourself. Considering the vast expanse that is this wonderful continent, one of the most heavily researched aspects of travel to South America is the literal act of travelling around the continent. When it comes to travelling throughout South America, there are several ways to get from point A to point Z during your travels.

From the sky

Of course, there are consistently operating flights that will take you to different parts of South America. Flying throughout this part of the world is the best option for travellers who have a short amount of time to see the places they want to on their South American travels, as well as those who are otherwise time-conscious and want to experience places that are set far apart across the continent. Flying is the single fastest way to travel fullstop, so this is the mode of transport that makes the most sense, whenever it is a possible option, for time-constrained travellers wanting to see as much of South America as possible.

From the water

There are cruises that take you through the Chilean fjords of Patagonia and riverboats that pedal you steadily through the Amazon. There are many South America tours that take travellers through these incredible coastlines and water channels, and all of them are special in their own right. Travelling South America by water is ideal for travellers who want to experience the continent from a different perspective, as well as gain a valuable insight into what it means to travel large distances at a much calmer pace.

From the land

And finally, travelling throughout South America from the land can mean anything from walking, hiking, or biking from place to place, to driving or taking buses from each place. This way of travelling obviously takes more time than flying (or even travelling by water, in some instances), but it is often the most cost-effective as well as the most environmentally sustainable way to travel a continent as massive as South America (or anywhere, for that matter). A worthy way to travel if it is possible during your travels in South America.