36 to 48 Hours in Durban : Step By Step Plan

Durban has been attracting people since its earliest civilization 100,000 years ago and is still especially because of the cheap flights to Durban. The small but beautiful place can be easily seen in 3 days following this simple plan.

Day 1- Enjoying the Waterfront

uShaka Marine World
uShaka Marine World

What better way to unwind your energy on a first day than a stroll on the lovely Golden Mile beach of Durban, named aptly because of being blessed with sunshine almost all around the year. Durban tourism consists largely of this 6-mile stretch of beautiful waterfront, filled with exotic restaurants, shopping areas and private casinos for drinks and gambling. The rickshaw ride along the waterline is a must try.
10 miles away from this are we have the most famous uShaka Marine World, which is Africa’s largest themed water park, with a large aquarium, highest water slide and many dolphin shows. The water park is so far the best tourist attraction of Durban city. Between the Golden Mile and the Marine World, the area is filled with small tourist attraction, all of them worth a stop. It is sure to take up the entire of your first day.

Day 2- A Cultural Exploration

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Another way to explore the famous South African city is to have a taste of the local culture and in Durban the culture can be experienced on the north of the city which is an area condensed with local markets and food joints. The narrow lanes, lovely cottages and small restaurants overlooking the city are sure to affect the young and the old. The Indian market is the most famous and dates back to 1860. You can end your day in the city with a stop at the famous Blue Lagoon to relax after a day. It is the most romantic place and the views are worth a visit.
If the city is not enough to give you enough taste of the culture, book a day tour a little further to Kwazulu Natal to visit the Zululand. It is the preservation of the remains of the ancient civilization of Zulu king. The place is filled with tribal displays, local food and beautiful waterfalls. This tour is sure to take an entire day.

Day 3- discover the wild life

Umgeni River Bird Park
Umgeni River Bird Park

There is no use of going to South Africa without experiencing the wildlife. Durban itself is host to some wildlife. The Umgeni River Bird Park is host to many rare bird species. The shady trees and the lush waterfalls are home to around 3000 bird species. Popularly known as the ‘Bird Safari’, the Bird Park is popular among tourist to snap some pictures among the wild birds.
If you wish to go wild with the rhinos, elephants and other wild animals, book a daylong tour to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve for a day safari. This is a 12-hour long trip and the best safari in all of Africa. If you choose this option, this will take up entire day leaving no room for any other visit.

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