The Most Beautiful Things to See and Do in Albania

Albania is slowly creeping back to one of the finest European tourist destinations. Albania tourism is gradually growing and it is only a matter of time before it makes its mark. There are many scenic features to see and a myriad of fun activities to do while in Albania. Some of its strong holds include the ever tantalizing Albania beaches, plenty of historic sites, Neighbourhoods and villages, castles, palaces and Mansions among others. In terms of fun activities, you can always take a tour around the beautiful cities, go hiking or skiing on the mountain slopes.

Enjoy Albania’s fast food with a twist   

Albania's fast food
Albania’s fast food

What makes this standout in Albania is that these delicacies are cheap and above all delicious. Get to enjoy their unique byrek and sample their gorgeous soft drinks including peaches juice, orange and apricot. To make do with the absence of McDonalds, Albania has Kolonat in its capital where one gets to have a taste of Albania’s pizza, burgers and chicken.

Discover the historical site of Butrint

historical site of Butrint
Historical site of Butrint

These ancient ruins are situated 18km south of Saranda. The ruins are rich in history and will fascinate anyone who is into ancient stories. The remains found in Butrint were extracted from different historical times some even dating 2500 years back. Butrint was once known as the Roman vacation city since it used to accommodate the wealthy class of the Roman who came here to relax and unwind. Today, the ruins are a possession of UNESCO and play host to thousands of tourists who visit to share the history and its heritage.

Explore the ancient Berat

Ancient Berat
Ancient Berat

This is also another UNESCO heritage site. It is believed that the Berat city was established in the 6th century even though archaeological research tends to differ claiming that settlement existed since 4000. Today the city attracts tourists from all over the world who visit to explore what has remained of the city which is currently sandwiched between 7 hills and separated by River Osum. Some of the city’s features include; religious buildings, monuments and archaeological remains.

Hit the beach

ksamil Albania Beache
ksamil Albania Beache


Albania as a nation is sparsely populated meaning that there is minimal development. With minimal development nature prevails. Albania without a doubt has the most natural and undeveloped beaches throughout the Mediterranean. The beaches are deprived of any sort of development and human population hence leaving then as natural as possible.

The South beaches are most popular throughout the country.  Since they are devoid of development and population, the waters are clear and enticing. Some of South beach activities include swimming, deep sea diving among others.

Go skiing

Skiing in Albania
Skiing in Albania

Albania’s landscape plays a huge role as a tourist attraction. History has it that during the Soviet era, Albania was a skiing hub especially to those who enjoyed the winter games. The Albanian Alps is the perfect destination for this. It has a variety of slopes which are conducive for skiing. The Albanian Alps has many peaks and together with its altitude, it offers an all year round skiing experience. However, the best times to make the most out of the skiing experience would be during the months of January and February.