Top 10 Affordable Tourist Sights in France

Who said that travelling to France means shelling out lots of money? Find a cheap flight, a small and coquette hotel, get a map and start sightseeing. Below you will find the top 10 affordable tourist spots in France.

1. Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery
Pere Lachaise Cemetery

The world’s most famous cemetery, Paris’ largest one, Pere Lachaise Cemetery was opened on the 21th of May 1804. It is located on a hillside close to the Metro station Pere Lachaise or Philippe Auguste. Several of the famous people buried there are: Maria Callas, Oscar Wilde, Honoré de Balzac, Jim Morrison, Édith Piaf and French architect, Louis Visconti.

2. Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

If in France, stop by Omaha Beach and pay tribute to all the soldiers who lost their lives during D-Day. The guides are there to explain the events and give you an understanding of one of the most historical beaches in the world.

3. The Sacré-Cœur church

The Sacré-Cœur church
The Sacré-Cœur church

Located in Montmartre, the Sacré-Cœur church was designed by Paul Abadie. Its construction ended in 1914 and ever since it is a beautiful landmark will leave a fine impression on each of its visitors. The Sacré-Cœur and Montmartre are the heart and soul of Paris, so be sure to visit.You can book Paris hotels close to The Sacré-Coeur and Montmartre at an affordable price, and enjoy views of Square Louise Michel.

4. A boat tour on River Seine

A boat tour on River Seine
A boat tour on River Seine

What best way to see the City of Lights than taking a boat tour of the Seine River? It’s cheap, prices start from €9 and you leave from the foot of the Eiffel Tower. There is a guide that will talk you through all the sights and let you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

5. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Opened in 1889, the Moulin Rouge is the most famous cabaret venue in the world. There is a show every night and the staff is very polite and helpful. Admire the beautiful girls and the inciting dance that made the French famous.

6. The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

You can’t say you’ve been to Paris unless you’ve seen the Eiffel Tower. Either you just sit on the grass near this impressive structure or pay a small fee to go inside and take in the view, it must be checked off the list!

7. The Louvre

The Louvre
The Louvre

Paris is a superlative in itself, so calling the Louvre the greatest art museum in the world in not a stretch. Botticelli, da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more famous artists with only €9.50! That, my friend, is a steal!

8. The Catacombs


Want to see six million Parisians? Then descend 20 m under the ground in Paris’ catacombs. These tunnels stacked with human bones will give you the chills. Don’t worry, the tour guide will take care that nothing happens and nobody gets too spooked.

9. The Garden of Versailles

Garden of Versailles

Terraces, ponds, canals and paths of geometric perfection! You can spend your entire day walking through the most impressive gardens in Europe. Be sure and don’t forget your camera. It would be a shame to miss out on one of the most stunning images you will ever see.

10. The Matisse Museum

Matisse Museum

Free admission for everyone makes this museum a very popular attraction. There are tour guides that will provide all the information you need for a small fee of €5. Just let yourselves be engulfed by the world of Matisse.