3 Cool Things Luxury Cruises in Dubai

Whilst deciding on which hotel to stay in whilst in Dubai, I am sure you noticed that just about all of them offered stunning views of either Dubai Creek or the Arabian Gulf. You would have also noticed the stunning architectural beauty of many of these hotels. It is only logical that if the water can be seen from each of these hotels, then they can equally be seen from the water. There are several boat cruises available in Dubai, each of which affords you a chance to see the amazing shapes and unique designs of all those hotels and the spectacular skyline that they combine to create.

Many of these cruises are during the day and afford a good view of the skyline, however if you choose one of the evening dinner cruises in Dubai, those same hotel lights merge together to form an unforgettable scene that appears almost magical.

Here then are what could perhaps be 3 of the best cruises in Dubai:

Luxury Yacht Cruising – Hire your own luxury yacht, by the hour, for a recommended 4 hour site seeing tour around Dubai. Your yacht comes with a qualified skipper and crew, drinks and refreshments, music system and fishing gear if requested. You depart from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, sail silently past the giant buildings including Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world at an amazing 160 stories. You continue to sail passing the Palm Islands, the largest man made islands in the world. The Palms are fronted by the impressive Atlantis, a second home for the rich. You then pass through the unfinished “World”. This is another huge man made island that is still under construction. Then returning back to the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, all of the time relaxing and enjoying refreshments served by an impeccable crew.

Luxury Yacht Cruising
Luxury Yacht Cruising

Dhow Cruise Dubai Sightseeing Cruise – Enjoy a spectacular sightseeing cruise from a famous Arabian Dhow. Although the wooden exterior of the Dhow is built in traditional style, the interior is fitted with all the modern amenities so that you can relax in comfort whilst enjoying the scenery in a tradition that only boat cruises in Dubai can offer.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Sightseeing Cruise
Dhow Cruise Dubai Sightseeing Cruise

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai – There are many dinner cruises in Dubai to chose from but why not savor the history of the famed Arabian Dhow whilst enjoying the irradiated lights from the Dubai coastline. All of this complimented by a delicious 5 star open buffet dinner and complimentary soft drinks.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai
Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

Cruising past the spectacular unique skyline of Dubai whether during the day or by night is perhaps a once in a lifetime experience and certainly not one that should be passed by. Doing it in the lap of luxury of a privately rented luxury yacht with attentive crew or whilst evoking thoughts of Sinbad on a traditional Dhow, the “how” will always be overshadowed by the extraordinary visual feast presented by the unforgettable skyline that is Dubai, either by day or by night.

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