The Ultimate Guide About Top 5 London Attractions

London is a fascinating city with a rich history. There are a slew of attractions, each one with its own story.No matter how long your stay in London is,you will not run out of amazing places to visit. Here is a list of the top 5 you don’t want to miss:

House of Parliament with Big Ben

House of Parliament with Big Ben: Images of Big Ben are probably some of the first we call to mind when thinking of London. There is still much pomp and ceremony in the London Parliament. Each year in November the Queen, riding in the royal carriage, comes in to open a new session of Parliament. The building itself is impressive, built in 1840, after a fire destroyed the former building. It is Gothic in style and architecture. Parliament packs out in the summer when it is opened for guided tours.

Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge: Tower Bridge is another hallmark image of London. The bridge is just over 100 years old. From the top of Tower Bridge you get a view of the city, which is always breathtaking. You can also see the HMS Belfast, one of the significant cruisers from D-day. The drawbridges on Tower Bridge are one of its most famous features. Today, thanks to electric engines, it only takes 90 seconds to pull up the draw bridges and make way for large vessels to pass through the Themes River.

The London Eye

The London Eye: This is the world’s largest observation wheel, what most of us would call a Ferris wheel. It takes a full 3o minutes to go around full circle. On a clear day you get a 25 mile panoramic view of London. Simply unforgettable.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace: No one goes to London and skips the place! This is the permanent home of the monarchy, and the largest private residence in the UK with 660 rooms. It has an interesting history; built on the site of a brothel, in 1702 it was the city home of the Duke of Buckingham. In 1762 it was sold to King George III, and since been home to kings and queens. Keep in mind that the Palace and its gardens are opened just in the summer months.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London: This is one building where the saying “if these walls could talk” would prove extremely fascinating. The Tower of London has been many things: Home of the Crown Jewels since 1327, a prison and execution ground, royal residence, armory, observatory, and more.

One thing’s for sure: London will not disappoint.

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