The Most Beautiful Parks in Dubai (2020)

Like any other great city there are plenty of parks in Dubai. As with other parks around the world the parks in Dubai are meant as areas where people can relax and enjoy themselves, some offering special attractions whilst others just offer a place of peace and tranquility that affords a person an opportunity to relax and unwind.

Water Parks in Dubai
Water Parks in Dubai
Wild Wadi Water Park – This is generally considered to be the only true theme park in Dubai and features many thrilling rides for both the family and kids. Adventure rides include: Master Blaster, Jumeirah Sceirah, Flowrider, Breakers Bay, Juha’s Dhow, Wadi Wash and Flood River. There are also ring rides for kids and adults and Juha’s Journey for the younger tots.

Jumeirah Beach Park

This park consists of golden beaches, ideal for swimmers and includes play areas for the children and Barbecue areas for the adults.

Aquaventure Water Park

This park located at the Atlantis the Palm also features thrilling and adventurous water rides.

Wonderland Water Park

This park caters for all the family and consists of a variety of water rides, a roller coaster and games of chance.


Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

This is an amazing place featuring beautiful animals in a setting that is both fun and entertaining. This park offers children a great opportunity to interact with these most popular of creatures.

Mushrif Park

This, the biggest of the parks in Dubai and harbors a natural forest complete with wild life. It also has a train, swimming pool, playground and barbeque areas.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the first and as yet only indoor ski resort in the Middle East. This indoor resort features 5 ski slopes, each of varying length and steepness. It also contains a toboggan run and a snowboard run. All relevant equipment can be rented on sight and instructors for all the disciplines are on hand to give lessons when needed. The park tries to maintain its mountain appeal by housing the St. Moritz Café which offers traditional mountain fare. For the not so “sporty” type, the complex also houses the largest indoor snow park in the world and so if you tire from the burning in the Arabian sun, you know you have a place you can go to cool off.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the parks in Dubai, merely a cross section of possibly the best. With the total number of parks in Dubai I am sure that where ever you are staying in the city there will be a park near to your location. Most of the parks feature playgrounds and sports areas, along with barbeque or picnic areas. As most of them are either on the beach or have a swimming pool, these parks are popular with the younger generation and obviously, depending on the level of supervision that each individual park has, may give the parents the opportunity to leave the children at one of these parks whilst they go to shops that are inevitably, close to the park.

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