Your 7 (Easy) Step Guide on How to Travel Plan Your Trip in 2019

Traveling the world is an exciting and thrilling experience, but it can also be extremely stressful for many people.

Sure, no travel experience can be truly stress-free as the best travel itineraries are often the ones that didn’t go through excessive planning and have enough room for unexpected and unpredictable eventualities- but some planning can definitely make many trips far more enjoyable (and hopefully result in more positive forms of stress).

Read on to discover our top tips for low-stress travel, from cheap flights to last minute vacation deals.

Stress-Free Travel

Arrival and Check In

Be early for everything, especially for your flights. It is not being over-cautious to arrive 3 hours early for departure to ensure that there is enough time to deal with any eventuality from parking issues, gate number changes, and other unforeseen circumstances.  It is also advised that if you are not a fan of shuttle services to consider a Valet Service (simply arrive at the terminal, drop off your keys and check in). Also, check in online 24 hours in advance to avoid hassles.


Pack light and pack smart. If you are a frequent traveler you may have noticed that if you pack everything in the same place (in the bag) each time you travel you can save time on packing, unpacking, and finding your stuff.  Packing light is also advantageous because you can save time when checking in and going through security. If it is a short trip carry-on luggage only is ideal, not only do you not have to worry about your luggage being lost, but you’ll probably feel more relaxed on vacation without having to lug around heavy bags.

Money, Honey

Take and spend more than you should. Sure I’m an advocate for having a budget because no holiday should result in financial instability, but I am also and advocate for fun. Essentially try not to get stressed over small amounts of money, especially when it comes to food and transport. Rather set a goal for what you will spend on each item, e.g. have a rule that no meal should cost more than X amount (the $10 rule tends to be popular) and find that you will feel far less stressed about, respectively, small financial decisions. Also if you can’t find free WiFi most hotels will allow you to pay for the connection even if you aren’t staying there.


Have copies of all your vital information, from passports to tickets, and keep them in more than one place. Also, try to memorize important information like your passport number.

The High Life

Get free access to airport lounges, either via memberships, premium tickets or as a member’s guest and guarantee a less stressful trip.

 Be Proactive

If things go wrong, do something about it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help (or stand around with a dumb look on your face until someone feels sorry for you and helps you) with directions, language etc.