The Ultimate Guide Travel to Access London’s Gatwick Airport

When traveling to major cities in Europe it’s essential that you undertake a certain amount of research so that you can get as much out of the experience as possible. Unfortunately, this is usually determined by the amount of money that things cost on your trip. So, after past blog posts such as our ‘Top 5 Budget Hotels in London’ we thought we’d look at the some of the affordable means of travel when accessing one of London’s biggest airports, Gatwick.Gatwick_South_Terminal


The cheapest transport option available to people traveling to Gatwick, are the buses from London run continuously throughout the day. Prices vary for one-way tickets from around £2-£10 depending on when you book them.

Gatwick Express

This is the second most cost-effective mode of transport if you are traveling to London directly from the center of London. The rail line runs from London Victoria to the airport, and trains are said to run every 15 minutes throughout the day.

For more details visit Gatwick Expresses’ official website where you can research prices. A standard one-way ticket from London Victoria will set you back a reasonable £17.75 if you book in advance online.


For people who are traveling to Gatwick from the center of London, hailing a cab should be a last resort. Cabs are renowned for being ridiculously expensive, in fact the Daily Mail reported in June of this year that they were regarded as the most expensive on the planet.

Underground Tube / Subway

Unlike Heathrow, Gatwick isn’t serviced by an underground tube lines due to it being located on the outskirts of London. Although this isn’t an option, the efficiency of the aforementioned Gatwick Express more than makes up for the lack of tube options.

Driving to Gatwick

Gatwick is approximately 5km from the center of Crawley, West Sussex and can be reached via the M23. It is the easiest to access out of all the airports in London as it also has several other smaller roads servicing the airport.

Parking Upon Arrival

Similar to all of the major European airports, if you are driving to Gatwick and have to leave your vehicle at the airport during the duration you’re out of the country, the airport provides many reputable and secure services.

British company Parking4Less who operate out of Gatwick offer short and long stay parking options to all customers at the North and South terminals. So, no matter how long your vacation is, your vehicle will be in a secure parking lot that is policed 24-hours a day by security.

Choosing an independent parking service isn’t recommended, as some aren’t as secure as the parking services supplied within Gatwick’s grounds and can be very pricey.