Travel to Europe and see the sites of Paris

When planning your next trip there are likely to be a number of options that you would consider. Whether it be trips to South American hotspots like Buenos Aires and Machu Picchu or travel to Europe for Paris and London, there are a number of options. The ease at which you can move across Europe has made this a popular jaunt in recent times.

While there are cheap flights across Europe, the train system across the content means that London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Geneva can all be ticked off within a week or so. Of course, one of the most popular destinations is the French capital but what sites should you see?

A place steeped in history and only second to London in most tourists each year, the city of lights has been a cultural capital of the word for centuries. From painters to poets, kings to fashionistas, Paris really has it all. While the Notre Dame cathedrals, Luxembourg Gardens and the Louvre might be on your must see list alongside the Eiffel Tower, what might you miss?

  1. Eric Kayser – Croissants and pain au chocolat are the name of the game when you hear of France. So, when in Paris you can’t afford to miss out on one of the most famous chains that Parisians trust to start their day off right come rain or shine. Free tables are a rarity but a sweet treat and coffee make for a great tea break.
  2. Musee d’Orsay – A short walk across the bridge from the Louvre and you are treated to some of the finest modern art. Whether you are a traditionalists or a post-modern art lover, this is well worth a visit as you make your way through the three floors of impressionist paintings – mixed with the likes of Manet and Van Gogh.
  3. Seine River – OK, so you won’t miss it but you might not necessarily think that a boat tour is an important part of your visit. That would be slightly short sighted when you consider that gliding down this river can allow you to see some sights off the beaten track along with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Top tip: Go at night for the best chance to see the city of lights in all its glory.
  4. Wine tour – Not always bandied around but a vineyard trip can be a great addition to your trip. The French are known for their wine and heading to somewhere like the Montmarte, around since 1932, for a country spin on your city trip.

Aside from these little gems, weekends see flea markets galore, the old books market is good for collectors and the Rue Cler – close to the Eiffel Tower – is a typical Parisian spot with a lovely cobblestone street housing many shops. There is so much to do in the French capital that you might want to consider spending more than a whistle-stop time here when heading to Europe.

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