Vibrant nightlife, famous writers… it can only be Dublin – Ireland.

Dublin is one of the most youthful cities in Europe. Approximately fifty percent of its citizens are younger than 25 years old.  This fact makes the city lively and full of activities. Many of the younger generation from all around Europe and even the world are drawn here, aided by the certainty that cheap flights to Dublin Ireland are easily affordable.

Literary history is important in Dublin — the city was home to many prominent and world famous writers. Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Bram Stoker, George Bernard Shaw and numerous others were all Dubliners. The National Print Museum and National Library of Ireland offer interesting visits to all those who love books. Because of its important literary history, Dublin was named as a UNESCO City of Literature.

The Theater is also a big part of life in Dublin, being acclaimed throughout the world for the brilliant and well-known actors that have performed here. Notable theaters are: the Abbey, Gaiety, Gate, Olympia and Grand Canal.

Dublin is also notorious for its festivities such as the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. This fantastic religious holiday lasts 5 days and has been recorded to gather close to a million people just in Dublin. It is now observed around the world and has become a specific cultural label of Ireland.  The famous Bagpipers parade in the streets dressed in green, which is the traditional color of Saint Patrick’s Day. They are also street performers and fireworks, which take place during this national festive period.

The Dublin Ireland weather allows a wide range of choice for vacationing — winters days are generally around 4°c to 9°c and summer days 14°c to 20°c. The freshness of the summer weather avoids having to suffer through the sweltering heat that exists elsewhere and permits the booking of hotels without being concerned about air-conditioning.

Traveling by car is a great advantage, and car rentals in Dublin Ireland provide access to the wonderful sights in the country. The Trim Castle is one of those fascinating sight-seeing tours made readily available by car.  This famous last vestige of Ireland’s largest castle was used in the celebrated movie Braveheart by Mel Gibson.

Hotels in Dublin Ireland each deliver a royal greeting of friendliness. Cheap accommodation in Dublin is generally on the outskirts of town. The Botanic Villa B&B provides both affordable prices and easy access to the city – about 10 minutes by bus. Sharing rates start at 32€ and single occupancy at 40€. Some bed and breakfast in Dublin Ireland propose spacious and beautifully decorated rooms with luxurious standards. One of these is the Tavistock Guest House located in the center of Dublin only a 10 minute walk from St Stephen’s Green, the city’s main public park. Sharing rates start at 40€ and single occupancy prices are at 60€.

Dubliners have earned the reputation of being the friendliest people in all of Europe. They love to party and enjoy life to the fullest, and freely allow travelers to see, and participate in, a different side of the city than what is usually seen — the human side. The pubs, bars, and restaurants, all demonstrate an openness where it’s possible to see sincere friendliness, and interact with the real heart of Dublin —  its people!