Why Rome is an enchanting destination?

The beautiful city of Rome Italy is the third most visited tourist destination in the world. Each year it has from 7 to 10 million visitors. Although Italian is the main spoken language, due to the fact that so many tourists visit this intriguing city yearly (the number often doubles during the special Holy Year) getting around with English is no problem.

Tours of Rome are plentiful and all captivating due to their historical importance. The number of possible tourist destinations are impressive as there exist many museums, aqueducts, fountains, churches, palaces, numerous historical buildings and ruins of the Roman Forum, and the famous Catacombs. If they are two places that should not be missed, they are visits to the Colosseum and to the Vatican Museums. These two places hold strong human value and convey a peaceful beauty that makes them undeniably the major places to visit in Rome.

Rome’s proximity to the world-famous Vatican City makes this yet another preferable choice for travelers. It holds an enchanting environment that will certainly conquer the hearts of Christians and non-Christians alike. The art visible in this unique city is renowned all over the world. Many visitors are frequently held in awe by the captivating painting and sculpture exhibits which can be found here. The Sistine Chapel is a perfect example of a location where one can see some of the most famous frescos known throughout the world. This city is also surrounded by gardens of extreme beauty for a moment of calm and reflection.

There are also wonderful gardens in Rome itself, the most famous one being Villa Borghese. These exquisite gardens can transport you into a poetic world filled with majestic flowers all perfectly displayed in a stunning landscape. Art is also a major asset of this incredible city, and it is present everywhere to incite in the travelers’ thoughts a joyous appreciation of true art at its best.

Finding accommodations is a simple task in Rome. Budget hotels are quite cheap with prices ranging from $65 to $100. One of these hotels is the Caput Mundi, situated near the Termini train station. For a more luxurious hotel there is the Claridge Hotel Rome located in the financial center of Rome, Parioli, with prices ranging from $300 – $700.

Rome is an enchanting destination where the people are extremely friendly and helpful. They make one feel welcome right away and this warm and kindly reception to visitors makes this city a pleasant retreat for anyone. Those seeking to discover fascinating monuments and learn about past cultures will not be disappointed by visiting Rome. If you have previously hesitated to visit Rome, now the beauty and charm of this city will surely surpass any hesitation, as it has for the millions of enchanted visitors who walk its streets each year, many of whom have been happily conquered by two very well-known phrases ‘Benvenuti à Roma’ – ‘welcome to Rome’ and one used often a little nostalgically as their visit comes to a close, ‘Arrivederci Roma.’

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