The Ultimate Guide Cool Winter Care Tips for your Caravan

The winter is here and you are thinking of probably spending the holidays wrapped up and warm in front of the fire.But what about your caravan that serves you all summer long? Since it is a road worthy vehicle you have every right to keep it that way and expect a top class servicing from your service provider. It will not just include engine and other mechanical servicing but also the servicing of the habitation side of the caravan like water, gas, interior, electrical and heating system and other basic structures of your caravan. However, taking care of your caravan in the winter does not only mean an annual servicing trip to the nearest workshop, but also a fine way of caring and storing your caravan all winter long so that it is safe and secure. Storage of your caravan has several options. Either you can tuck it away inside your garage secure, that is if your garage is big enough to hold one, or you can opt for a storage site. Either way you must remember to have your caravan insured. This way no matter where you store your caravan you will not have to worry about it being a target of burglary or collateral damage of other accidents. That said here are some tips for you to care about your caravan and treating it right:

Winter Care Tips for your Caravan

  1. Storage:It is entirely up to your convenience where you would want to store your caravan for the winter. However, generally when it comes to storage there are only two possible and practical choices that you can opt from. Either you would want to tuck it in your own garage and outside your house, or you can store it in a camp and specialist storage site like in a local farm. However, make sure that wherever you choose to store it do not leave it out under the open sky or just under a tree. Keep it under a shelter, this way it will be protected from the moist atmosphere, branches and leaves and other direct effects of nature’s wrath. Remember that though they are designed for outdoor activities, leaving it outside for a long period when not in use is not advisable.
  2. Exterior and Interior: Prepare both your caravan’s interior as well as exterior to help it fight off the biting cold of the winter. Give your caravan a thorough body cleaning. Make sure that you figure out whether it needs any bodywork or repair and remove any signs of mould. Also if you are cleaning the roof be very careful of using a ladder lest it scratches the paint job and also do not put much weight on the roof. Consider turning the wheels every once in a while because tires are not exactly friendly to stand for a long time. Also shield the tires from sunlight to prevent degradation. Also if possible use winter wheels or special clamps instead if possible and spread salt around the parked space to soak the damp wintery air and other sources of condensed water. As for the interiors vacuum clean and wash it thoroughly. Do not keep your removable cushions or drapes inside the caravan. Try and keep an optimum level of air circulation inside your caravan so as the moist air does not clog inside for too long. Also clean and dry the toilet and check that all the heating and gas systems are turned off. Make sure that there are no untoward food items or other objects inside that might harm your caravan if left for long and unattended.
  3. Covering Up: Finally you need to make sure that you cover your caravan properly to help preserve the exterior. Make sure you choose a good breathable cover soft enough not to damage your caravan. You can also opt for a waxy protective coating because they are relatively low coat and easily washable. Look into products like Glamour Shield.

Remember winter is the best time to get your caravan serviced. Get it serviced by an industry recognized servicing agent or centre with approved workshops near you. Also do not forget that the servicing should fit your timing and other conditions of your caravan warranty.