Young, Cultured and Changing, Tirana Albania


Universities are abundant in Tirana making it a youthful city with a fresh, modern view of their culturally diverse society. Due to this fact, the city is a center of animation and contains notable historical sites as well that can be enjoyed in this Capital City of 600,000 inhabitants. Fly to Tirana and get the chance to see an interesting city where many changes have taken place throughout the years, yet their friendly people haven’t lost their ability to smile.

First established in the 16th century as an Ottoman town, Tirana has not ceased to grow in size.  Tirana started exporting olive oil and tobacco to European cities like Venice years ago, and possesses over 140,000 olive trees and fertile land.   It stayed a relatively small city until the National Communist Party rose against the Nazi invasion.  In 1944 the country became communist and underwent a period of strong urban development which led to a significant growth in population. As years went by, the population kept growing until by 1990 the population had over two hundred thousand inhabitants. After the end of communism in 1991; the city suffered somewhat, but kept on increasing in population, until major economic changes took place leading towards a market orientated society, which finally brought stability to Tirana.

Today Tirana possesses abundant historical sites of interest along with beautiful parks and has evolved into a charming and beautiful European styled city. The Skanderbeg Square contains the National History Museum, Mosque, and Clock Tower which are important landmarks in the city.

Piramida, also known as the International Center of Culture, is a unique construction of pyramidal shape, where art events and conventions are held. Blloku, commonly known as the Block, is areas which use to be closed off, used to house the Communist Government.  Now it has been transformed into an active center for vibrant night life. Restaurants, night clubs, bars and shops are scattered in this famous area of Tirana. The villa of Enver Hoxha, the former leader of Albania, is also situated in Blloku.

Peaceful and relaxing parks can be found inside the city, such as the Grand Park or for a more fun outing the Ali Demi Skate Park is available. The Mount Dajti National Park is reachable by cable cars, and this immense park presents multiple possibilities for an enjoyable time such as hiking on scenic walking trails, horseback riding, and dining at leisure in nearby restaurants.

Tirana flights can be found at affordable prices from countries such as London or Germany, and numerous others. Special flight fares from London to Tirana are available at around £74.

Hotel Mondial Tirana is a luxurious, 4-star hotel built in a neoclassical design.   Renowned for being one of the best accommodations that Tirana has to offer, prices are competitive as well, and start at $170. A cheap and cozy hotel in Tirana Albania would certainly be the Hotel Baron. It is conveniently located in the center of the city and warmly welcomes travelers for restful nights with rates beginning at $39.

Tirana has everything needed to fascinate tourists, businessmen or backpackers. Touring the city is fun, and whether the stay lasts a few days or weeks, many opportunities are available, from exploring interesting natural settings, participating in the lively nightlife or viewing exceptional historical monuments – Tirana is a delightful place to visit.

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