Tips for making your first trip to Italy worthwhile


For many years Italy has been associated with having a long and great history, out of the world delicacies, exquisite wines and amazing countryside. All these beautiful things make a trip to Italy appealing to anyone. However, before making your trip to Italy, there are a few things that one needs to put into consideration if they need to make the most out of the trip. This article will address some basic travel information about Italy.

Location and Geography

Location and Geography

Though this might sound rather obvious, it carries much weight just like any other travel tip. You need to familiarise yourself with the place you are going so that you can get wound of the terrain. This will help you carry appropriate gear for your trip. As a Mediterranean country, Italy is located in the south of Europe. The highest point in Italy is found in Monte Bianco and is about 4748m. In addition to its many features, Italy has two islands namely; the island of Sicily and the island of Sardinia.

When to go to Italy     

This has to do with the weather and the climate. The country enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with the mountains experiencing a much colder Alpine climate. During the winter season, the country is perfect for winter games and skiing. On the other hand, during summers, Italy offers amazing hiking experiences. The coastlines are pleasant to visit throughout the year though it might not be such an experience swimming during the winter season. The best time to visit Italy is during the late spring and early fall. However, the hot summer is usually seen by many representing the height of the vacation season.

Other Italy travel tips

a)      Transportation


The best way to get around Italy is through their extensive train network. For a typical fast train trip, it would cost you between $40 and $70. As for the slower regional trains, they would cost you between $7 and $25. If you prefer bus trips, their prices are much reasonable as most subway buses would cost you just $2.

b)      Food  


Food prices do range depending on how well endowed you are. You can great and expensive food as well as a $15 meal. Generally, a normal meal at a restaurant accompanied with a glass of wine would cost you around $25. In Italy quick eats such as pizza should cost you $3-$4 where as fast foods such as McDonalds should cost you just about $10.

c)       Accommodation


If you are after cheap accommodation, Italy wouldn’t be your most ideal destination. For a single night in a hostel or a dorm room, this would cost you between $20 and $40. In the case of private rooms, their prices per night range from $75 to $100. Budget hotels should cost you $80 and above in the case of a double room.

d)      Money saving tips 

Anyone working under a budget can make use of the following money saving tips.

  • Pass on bread
  • Buy wine in bulk
  • Restrict your meals to paninis and pizza
  • Instead of buying bottled water ask for tap water
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