When Is the Right Time to Book a Cruise in Summer 2016?

Taking a cruise in the high seas was once a luxury reserved for the worldly elite. These days everyone can enjoy this privilege. One of the most traditionally expensive times of the year for a cruise is during summer and the wave season or the peak season for cruises that starts in January. In reality however, the best time to book a cruise in summer depends on if you are looking to score a good bargain deal or to avoid the rough seas. Therefore, it comes down to the price, weather and destination.

There are so many cruise companies to choose from that it can get confusing in determining which will be the best option for you and your loved ones. Luckily, cruise lines tend to have created a niche to serve different lifestyles. For instance, the Celebrity cruises aims for the gourmet and spa traveler, Disney cruises are best for kids because of nurseries and themed play areas, the Royal Caribbean cruises are ideal for teens and active families because of on board surfing, rock climbing walls and zip lines. The Holland America are most appealing to more mature travelers as it has cruise traditions such as ballroom dancing and afternoon tea parties.

Here is an in-depth overview of the best two cruise companies and a few pointers to help you pick the right cruise line;

Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises
Carnival Cruises

The Carnival Corporation leads in being the largest cruise line operator globally. It is the best ship for those who are conscious about the budget because of its frequent offers and close to home sailings for a vacation at the sea that makes you end up paying less. Most of its features do not come with an extra cost as its entertainment and dining options are included in the fare not forgetting the hilarious late night 18 plus comedies.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruises

This is the second largest cruise line operator in the world following Carnival cruises. Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited owns 5 cruise lines including; Royal Caribbean International, the Azamara Club Cruises, popular Celebrity Cruises, CDF Croisieres de France that target the French and Pullmantur Cruises. The Royal Caribbean cruises are perfect for those who relish fitness and fun no wonder it is a treasure for teens.

It has a lot of youth facilities to offer from kayaking, hiking, surfing, rock climbing, basketball, machines for a cardio workout, and a Pilates exercise class for fitness enthusiasts. Onboard entertainment is high key with shows ranging from ice skating to water based acrobatic performances. It was the first to organize an on board Broadway.

The Celebrity cruises are a haven for foodies, with many on board restaurants that serve mouthwatering Italian steak, international comfort foods, upscale French continental cuisine and a pizza eatery that is divine. Be sure to enjoy a wine tasting experience at Cellar Masters, a cocktail at Molecular Bar or at the Martini Bar where bartenders will juggle up creative concoctions for you to enjoy.

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