Austria: A Great Place to Learn to Ski

While it may seem a little daunting, with all that heavy and awkward equipment, such as skis, goggles, boots and warm clothing, skiing can actually be a lot easier to learn than you might think. Austria is a popular ski holiday destination for skiers of all ages and abilities since the early 20th century, and it’s also a great place for beginners to learn to ski, as it has some of the most beautiful scenery and best conditions in Europe.

Austria Ski

The weather in Austria is not as cruel as the weather in North America, where sub-zero temperatures, high winds are the blight of every skier. In the alps, the daytime temperature usually averages around 20 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, which makes skiing at any time of year, even January very pleasant, especially as any strong winds don’t tend to last very long in the alps, and they can even help the snowfall.

The snow in Austria is one aspect of a ski holiday that is always guaranteed, and the Austrian Alps are home to some of the best snow seasons in the world, with powdery snow a common sight on the slopes, even until spring. In Austria, they have the Austria Ski Resort Report, which can be accessed online, and gives users the latest snow conditions at some of the best slopes in the country.

When it comes to learning to ski, or just brushing up on existing abilities, Austria’s ski-schools are world-renowned for their versatile and friendly instructors, in fact, many Austrian ski resorts have runs that suit every skier, so pupils can take to the slopes at their own pace. If you’re worried about safety, Austria’s ski resorts always have orientation maps at the lift stations, mid-run markers on all slopes above timberline, and safety nets and danger signs, so that skiers are always well aware of where they should and shouldn’t go.

Ski holidays in Austria are a great way to experience skiing in Europe, and with some of the best conditions, instructors and slopes in the world available, Austria is not only a fantastic place to ski, but also a very beautiful country to visit.

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