Belize’s Belmopan – Vibrant, Enchanting, And What Not

Our life is fabricated by the presence of fleeting moments, which have the ability to determine our moods, our thoughts and sometimes our life. It is these ephemeral moments, which every now and then can remain etched in our memory like a beautiful memory. Sometimes these fleeting moments exist when we look at a stunning scenery and the sheer exquisiteness of a place often times renders us mere mortals quite speechless and breathless. Coming to Belize is going to be one such experience for you. Endowed with exquisite offerings of Mother Nature, Belize is country full of charm and mesmerising beauty. Situated between Mexico and Guatemala, which is towards the Caribbean coast, Belize exists as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-faceted archetype of exquisiteness.

If you have decided to tour the vacation hub of Southern America, then begin with the capital of Belize – Belmopan. Belmopan is popularly known as the administrative hub of Belize, but its treasures surpass directorial mediums. It is the cultural and financial power point, which provides a great blend of fused traditions and customs. Belmopan weather is adventurous, ranging from a fusion of warm temperatures and cool breezes. The hot daytime weather of Belmopan ranges from 28 °C to 30 °C, which makes the nightlife all the more exotic and enjoyable. Vacationers can adorn themselves in comfortable light clothes at night, since the temperature drops to 20 °C or lower. Belmopan’s rainy season starts from June and lasts till November, therefore ideally the best time to visit Belmopan is from December till May. With the onslaught of the harsh and cold weather of December in U.S and U.K, Christmas holiday season in Belmopan becomes a refuge and a blessing with its warmer and comforting weather.

Belize’s International Belmopan Airport catches flights from all around the world. It is often termed as the premier airport of Belize. World-renowned airlines like Emirates Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa Airlines are a few of the many airlines that provide a medium for people to travel in and out of the Belmopan Airport. Hotel accommodations can be a tricky task anywhere around the world, but Belmopan is peppered with comfortable, affordable, and convenient hotels, resorts and rentals. Belmopan hotels start as low as $139, and most are centrally located which makes your entire vacationing experience easy and effortless.

Travelling is an adventure of the highest order. When you come to Belize many taxi and car rental facilities are available, but the best way to discover the city is on foot. One of the paramount and absolutely exhilarating tourist attractions of Belmopan is the Market Square, which is situated close to the bus terminal corner of Constitution Drive and Bliss Parade. When you enter the bustling market, you will be exposed to eager and gracious local vendors selling almost everything. Products like clothes, shoes, accessories, electrical appliances, make-up and even fruits and vegetables are in abundance at Market Square. Coming to Belmopan would be a truly enlightening experience for all those who love travelling and experiencing the many bountiful pursuits around the world.

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  1. Belize is a great country, which startled the culture and natural beauty. No doubt there are many places in Belize where you can enjoy a great vacation, or have a family adventure.

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